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Trump likely to attend hearing in classified documents case on Thursday: court filing

By 37ci3 Mar11,2024

Former President Donald Trump is expected to attend a federal criminal trial confidential documents Florida attorneys will argue that the lawsuit should be thrown out.

Trump is not required to be present at the hearing in Fort Pierce, but his attorneys said he and his two co-defendants will attend the hearing. giving On Monday, they sought additional time to respond to some other outstanding motions in the case.

“The reasons for this request are that (1) the defendants and counsel must travel to Fort Pierce before March 14th to attend the hearing, which is the time we would otherwise use to prepare other response submissions; (2) President Trump and counsel they should spend time preparing for oral argument, otherwise we will use that time to prepare other rebuttal submissions”.

They also said that the former president and his lawyers are preparing for the trial March 25 the start date of his New York criminal trial “and at the same time necessitated in part by the need to focus attention on this case and the issue” by the Special Counsel’s Strategic Planning requirements.

Shortly after Monday’s filing, Trump’s lawyers filed a separate lawsuit in New York to hold the trial there. was delayed Until Trump’s presidential immunity claims are resolved by the US Supreme Court. Trump’s Florida filing did not mention his New York filing.

The Trump-appointed judge presiding over the Florida case is a U.S. District Judge Aileen CannonThursday’s meeting is expected to last all day, he said.

Prosecutors from Trump’s legal team and the office of special counsel Jack Smith is expected to argue Positions on whether some or all of the charges against Trump should be unsealed under the Presidential Records Act before the case goes to trial.

Smith urged Cannon to reject claims that Trump’s presidential records could become “personal” once he is removed from the White House.

The parties will also discuss a second motion to dismiss the case on the theory that the primary law used against Trump is unconstitutional because it applies to presidents.

Trump confronts them criminal charges in the case, including willful withholding of national defense information, false statements and representations, conspiracy to obstruct justice, concealment of a document or record, and corrupt concealment of a document. He pleaded not guilty to all charges.

Work now it is planned to be sent to court On May 20, however, Cannon is expected to postpone his trial date.

Trump, who did not attend the writer’s trial E. Jean Carroll‘s defamation suit filed against him last year, although it is often not required, in recent months it comes before the court more often.

He attended a trial in Carroll’s second defamation case against him earlier this year and attended several days over the course of months late last year. civil fraud trial It was filed against him and his company by New York Attorney General Letitia James.

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