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Trump asks judge to delay New York criminal trial until Supreme Court rules on presidential immunity

By 37ci3 Mar11,2024

Former President Donald Trump’s lawyers ask the presiding judge his pending criminal case He postponed the trial in New York until later US Supreme Court Matters ruling on the scope of presidential immunity.

If allowed, The 11th-hour long-shot motion would delay the trial, which was scheduled to begin March 25, by several weeks, if not months.

Trump is impeached 34 numbers The falsification of business records related to a hush money payment to an adult movie star at the end of the 2016 campaign. While actress Stormi Daniels received money from Trump lawyer Michael Cohen before Trump became president, Trump’s payments to Cohen and allegedly falsified business records came after he was in the White House.

Trump’s lawsuit claims he is immune from impeachment based on “official acts” and some evidence against him should be kept out of court because of official acts, including his tweets and public comments.

It says prosecutors from Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg’s office “want to introduce evidence in the 2018 trial of President Trump’s so-called ‘pressure campaign’ involving Michael Cohen.” Part of that evidence is his public statements and tweets about Cohen, the document says.

The remarks were “within the outer perimeter of the presidency, where public communication on matters of public concern is paramount,” he said.

Trump’s lawyers have also argued that there is a kind of blurred line as to whether the business records Trump signed on the payments are official records. They said, “While it is clear that the People intend to produce documents and testimony from President Trump’s 2017 term in office, they have not provided sufficiently specific notice of the nature and extent of that evidence.” The court should distinguish between personal and official actions.”

His lawyers said Judge Juan Mercan should delay the trial until the Supreme Court rules on the extent of the president’s immunity in the federal election interference case against the former president. The Supreme Court is scheduled to hear arguments in the case on April 25.

Trump tried to make a similar immunity argument when he tried to take the matter to federal court last year, and it was conclusive. was rejected By US District Judge Alvin Hellerstein.

“Most of the evidence shows that the matter was purely a personal matter of the President – to cover up a shameful incident. The hush money paid to an adult movie star is unrelated to the President’s official actions,” Hellerstein wrote in his op-ed. judgment.

“It is also unbecoming of the presidency to falsify business records to conceal such compensation and make the compensation a business expense for Trump and income for Cohen,” he said.

Trump appealed the ruling, but later overturned it, suggesting the DA’s office would contest the case. already decided and Trump waived his right to object.

In a separate filing Monday, Trump asked the presiding judge confidential documents The situation in Florida to extend the period of submission of some documents for him in part due to an impending New York court. The document did not mention Trump’s request for a postponement of the trial.

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