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Johnson could lose support from conservative base if Democrats ‘rescue’ his speakership

By 37ci3 Apr23,2024

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  • Fmr says Trump is “inviting” a broader gag order by talking about the case. federal prosecutor


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    Johnson could lose support from the conservative base if Democrats “save” his presidency


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    According to the results of an NBC News poll, interest in the election has reached a new low in the tight race between Biden and Trump


  • Americans are not “funding” the war in Ukraine, “protecting freedom”: an interview with Tam Zelensky


  • Zelensky does not believe the “rumors” about Trump’s plan to end the Russia-Ukraine war


  • As the war in Ukraine continues, Zelensky says: “You can never lose hope.”


  • Ukrainians may be less “motivated” to fight equipment shortages, Zelenskyy says


  • Zelensky says Ukraine is ‘preparing’ for major Russian attack


  • Zelensky thanked Biden and Johnson for transferring aid to Ukraine


  • Biden closes the gap with Trump in the latest NBC News national poll


  • Zelensky: Ukraine will have a chance to win with the continued help of the United States


  • A presidential historian says he’s worried the transition in November “won’t happen.”


  • GOP Rep. Lawler: Democrats must oppose Johnson impeachment to show they’re “serious” about democracy


  • Third GOP lawmaker joins effort to oust Johnson as foreign aid bill clears procedural hurdle


  • President Biden is campaigning in North Philadelphia in an “effort to connect” with voters


  • A Pennsylvania official is getting creative to boost 2024 voter turnout amid concerns about voter apathy


  • A retired US general analyzes Israel’s potential options in response to an Iranian drone attack


  • GOP Rep. Bacon says a “shameful” effort to oust Speaker Johnson will “weaken” the party.


  • As Western nations prepare for a wider war, Israel plans to respond to Iranian strikes


  • Democratic congressman ‘confident’ more Ukraine aid will pass through House of Representatives


NBC News Chief National Political Correspondent Sahil Kapur says some Democrats have indicated they may support Speaker Johnson if Rep. Marjorie Taylor Green (R-Ga.) offers to vacate the effort. “There are some chips that Johnson has won with the Democrats because of bringing that package to the floor and standing up to the extreme right wing,” Kapur said.

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