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Iranian strikes were meant as a ‘cease and desist message’ to Israel, says Middle East expert

By 37ci3 Apr15,2024

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  • Biden urges Netanyahu not to retaliate against Iran, but reaffirms ‘ironclad’ commitment to Israel


  • GOP House Intel Chairman: ‘At this point,’ US ‘should not take military action against Iran’


  • GOP House Intel chairman says he expects Ukraine aid to pass this week


  • US ‘remains vigilant’ against Iranian threats against US troops: NSC’s John Kirby


  • NSC’s Kirby says US will continue to ‘work’ and ‘advise’ Netanyahu after Iran attack


  • Is there a genocide in Gaza? Michigan Governor Whitmer Says: ‘I Won’t Take Weight’


  • Whitmer says Biden will ‘do everything in his power’ to codify Roe despite Senate challenges


  • Governor Whitmer says he supports ‘Roe standard’ for abortion law: Full interview

    12:34 p.m

  • The Biden campaign doesn’t plan to talk about Trump’s silent money trial


  • Iran’s attack on Israel ‘should be viewed as an escalation’: Full Rep. Turner interview


  • CN’s John Kirby says Biden ‘doesn’t believe’ Iran attack ‘needs’ to escalate into full-scale war


  • MTN spokesman John Kirby: Full interview: How Israel responds to Iran ‘will be up to them’


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    A Middle East expert says that Iran’s strikes were a “cease and desist” message to Israel


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    Biden officials worry that Israel’s response to Iran’s attack could lead to a wider war


  • Trump criticizes non-citizen voting, which is already illegal


  • ‘I’ll be watching Donald Trump’s behavior’: ex-prosecutor looks at hushed money trial


  • Rep. Meeks wants “assurances” on aid to Israel, but is ready to send weapons if Iran retaliates.


  • Biden’s trilateral summit builds on alliances with Japan and the Philippines as threats loom from China


  • Ariz. Republican state lawmaker ‘very confident’ bill to repeal abortion ban to pass Wednesday


  • Speaker Johnson Uses ‘McCarthy-esque’ Tactics After House Republicans Block FISA Bill


Bilal Saab of Chatham House tells Yamiche Alcindor that Iran’s strikes on Israel indicate that Iran has the ability to launch potentially more significant attacks in the future if they choose to. Saab joins retired CEO James Stavridis to meet the NOW Press.

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