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Trump secures delegates for GOP nomination, setting up a 2024 rematch with Biden. What does this mean for the election?

By 37ci3 Mar13,2024

Former president Donald Trump It secured enough delegates to set up the Republican presidential nomination, NBC News projects, in a 2024 rematch with President Joe Biden. Who won the Democratic nomination? Tuesday night before.

Trump entered Tuesday as the presumptive nominee after defeating all of his primary rivals in races in Georgia, Hawaii, Mississippi and Washington, while Biden faced little opposition in the primary. Former United Nations Ambassador Nikki Haley ended the race for the Republican nomination last week by winning just one state on Super Tuesday.

Trump’s projected victories Tuesday night put him over the 1,215 delegate mark — the “magic number” needed for a majority at the GOP’s July convention in Milwaukee. Those delegates will be bound by party rules to support him, even as he faces looming trials in four separate indictments.

The general election begins with Biden seeing him affordability below 40% in flame of recent inquiriesdown from Trump who is not popular. While Biden is ahead of Trump in nearly every major poll in 2020, recent polls have made the race virtually evenor with Trump with a slight edgevoters raised concerns about Biden’s age and Trump’s legal problems.

While Biden ran virtually unopposed on the Democratic side, Trump swept through a Republican primary that included several prominent politicians. By Tuesday, he had won all but two contests (Vermont and Washington, DC), capturing the Republican primary electorate in the process.

Candidates running against him, such as former New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie, Arkansas Gov. Asa Hutchinson and former Texas Rep. Will Hurd, have failed to gain traction as a vocal critic. Florida Governor Ron DeSantis and businessman Vivek Ramaswamy, who want to describe themselves as Trump 2.0, have not been able to break Trump’s position in the party.

His former vice president, Mike Pence, has been unable to step out of his shadow and appeal to Trump supporters after deciding to defy Trump’s wishes and block the certification of the 2020 election on January 6, 2021. .

And in the end, it saw Haley pivoting her campaign to the share of Republican voters eager for her party to distance itself from Trump. It stands among Republican voters In general to fall as he ramped up his anti-Trump rhetoric.

At times, it seemed like there were two GOP presidential races running in parallel — one with Trump refusing to engage with the rest of the field as the overwhelming favorite, and the other featuring the rest of the field fighting for a distant second place. .

At first, some Republicans thought they could defeat Trump. DeSantis, a popular general in the GOP culture wars who won the biggest victory in a Florida gubernatorial race since 1982 in 2022, led Trump for a short time in hypothetical one-on-one contests. DeSantis and his supporters believed he could get the former president’s endorsement, especially after Trump-backed candidates fared poorly in the same 2022 midterms DeSantis dominated.

But DeSantis’ campaign He stumbled through the gate and he never regained his ground in the polls, in part because of the Trump team’s early attacks aimed at thwarting his rise. questions about campaign strategy and finance It appeared only a few months after its proposal replaced the campaign manager in the summer and his a well-funded super PAC collided Both of internally and with the campaign.

Haley’s campaign got off to a slow start, though its shares continuously rhese it goes right this year. Using that momentum, Haley’s campaign waited until the fall to begin big spending, and she entered the runoff, trailing DeSantis in Iowa by just 2 percentage points.

Unable to gain momentum in Iowa, DeSantis suspended his campaign and pitted Haley against Trump one-on-one. But he continued Polls weak with Republican voterstrusting heavily self-defining support independents and democrats states allowed them to participate in GOP nominating contests, a dynamic largely limited the ceiling as he cast his vote to the displeasure of many voters With Trump.

During his entire term, the former president did not participate in a single GOP presidential debate. Even his campaign he called about Republican National Committee to cancel last fall’s debates.

Trump has not been deterred by four indictments — ranging from rush payments to an adult film actress to mishandling classified documents to efforts to overturn the 2020 election — and civil convictions for business fraud and defamation related to the author’s alleged rape. (and could) maintain control over the GOP primary electorate helped unite Republicans around him).

After her victories in Iowa and New Hampshire, then-RNC Chairwoman Ronna McDaniel said on Fox News that she believed voters were sending a “clear” message that Trump would be the nominee, even though Haley was still an active candidate.

Despite these words and his long-standing support for Trump, the former president soon demanded McDaniel’s resignation as party leader. Trump’s preferred picks — former North Carolina GOP Chairman Michael Whatley and the former president’s daughter-in-law Lara Trump — He took over the reins of the RNC earlier this month, as chairman and co-chairman, respectively, Trump once again assumed the role of the Republican Party’s presidential nominee and sole standard-bearer.

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