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Judge approves Trump’s $91 million bond in E. Jean Carroll case

By 37ci3 Mar13,2024

A federal judge upheld Donald Trump’s decision on Tuesday $91.63 million bond In the case of E. Jean Carroll, it insulates the former president from any effort to collect on the judgment while appealing the conviction.

Trump now has five days to file a copy of the certified bond with the Clerk of Court for the Southern District of New York. After that, enforcement of the $83 million jury verdict against him in January will be stayed “pending the final disposition of the appeal by the United States Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit.”

Trump’s lawyers gave notice they will appeal the verdict this month.

In a filing last week, Trump’s attorneys said they granted the bond, departing from earlier requests by a judge to lower the bond amount and provide more time to obtain it.

Carroll previously noted the bond news, calling it a “tremendous amount.” Sub stack post this month.

The Federal Insurance Company is the source of the bond.

A the jury decided In January, Trump ordered Carroll to pay $83.3 million in damages for defamation. It was Carroll’s second conviction against Trump. In May of last year, he was charged with sexual assault and defamation against Carroll. He waetc He paid 5 million dollars in compensation.

The appeals process in the latest defamation case is set to begin after Trump and his company risk another financial hit. $464 million verdict In a New York civil fraud case. It’s Trump attractive that sentence too.

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