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Delegations arrive in Egypt for cease-fire talks

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Kamala Harris will meet Benny Gantz next week

Vice President Kamala Harris will meet Monday with Benny Gantz, a member of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s war cabinet, as the United States continues to push Israel for a cease-fire deal, White House officials said.

Officials said President Biden would not attend the meeting.

Harris is likely to discuss the importance of an interim cease-fire agreement and exchange of hostages, the need to rebuild Gaza and the distribution of expanded aid and humanitarian support to the Strip, the White House said. Ceasefire talks between Israel and Hamas came into question last week after 118 people were killed while queuing for aid in Gaza City.

According to the White House, national security adviser Jake Sullivan will also meet with Gantz separately.

The number of deaths in Nabulsi district has reached 118

According to the Gaza Ministry of Health, two more bodies were recovered from the Nabulsi district of Gaza City, where hundreds of people were killed and injured as a result of the Israeli forces firing on the crowd trying to enter humanitarian aid vehicles.

As a result of the discovery of the bodies, the death toll has reached 118, and more than 750 people were injured during the attack. The ministry warned that the death toll could increase in the coming days due to lack of medical and surgical equipment and oxygen. Hospitals of Gaza for the treatment of the wounded.

Israel on Thursday denied firing on a crowd of people trying to get aid and claimed most of the people died and were injured as a result of “overcrowding” and attempts to flee after the IDF fired “warning fire” at a limited crowd representing an unidentified group. danger to soldiers.

Witnesses and doctors who spoke to NBC News said that a large number of people admitted to the hospital came with gunshot wounds.

Thousands of people join Israeli hostage families and march to Jerusalem

JERUSALEM – A march of thousands of Israelis demanding the release of hostages held in Gaza reached Jerusalem today as negotiators prepared to resume cease-fire talks in Cairo that include a swap deal with Hamas.

Families and Supporters of Hostages Conclude Four-Day Protest March
Supporters of hostage families in Jerusalem last night. Alexi J. Rosenfeld/Getty Images

A column of protesters, led by the families of hostages taken by Palestinian militants during Hamas’s deadly attack on southern Israel on October 7, made their way up the winding highway to Jerusalem, arriving in the city at sunset.

Carrying Israeli flags, yellow balloons and placards of hostages, they ended a four-day march that began in one of the areas hit by the October attack, with more protesters expected to rally in front of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s residence. .

“We are marching here in support of the families of the abductees, wishing them to be released soon and be safe. We pray for them at every step we take,” said Danny Cooperman, one of the marchers.

Gaza ceasefire talks are expected to resume in the Egyptian capital on Sunday. US President Joe Biden expressed his hope that a ceasefire will be reached during the Muslim fasting month of Ramadan, which began on March 10.

Dozens of hostages could be released if an agreement is reached.

Pro-Palestinian protesters disrupt Jill Biden’s Women for Biden-Harris tour

TUCSON, Ariz. – First lady Jill Biden spoke for just 14 minutes in the second episode of Women for Biden-Harris. tour — but that didn’t stop pro-Palestinian protesters from interrupting him four separate times.

“It’s genocide, Jill!” shouted one of the protesters in Tucson Saturday morning as he was forcibly removed from the grounds by security forces.

In the words of the first lady, the main focus should be on women’s problems, including abortion rights. on the ballot in Arizona Come November

“He is led by extremist republicans Donald Trump pass laws that prevent women from getting the health care they need, including IVF,” Biden said.

However, within 13 seconds of starting his remarks, the first protester raised his voice.

Less than two minutes later, the second one followed. And within 30 seconds of the second disruption, the first lady explained why her appearance there was so brief.

“I apologize for coming and going so quickly,” Biden said.

“Windstorms in Nevada are affecting my travel,” he added shortly after ushering a demonstrator out of the theater.

Read the full story here.

Amnesty International’s crisis response adviser says US humanitarian aid ‘completely incomprehensible’

An Amnesty International adviser says Saturday’s US airdrop of humanitarian aid into Gaza is “totally incomprehensible” and “grossly inadequate”.

“The decision of the United States to airlift humanitarian aid to Gaza is completely incomprehensible. It doesn’t make any sense,” senior crisis adviser Donatella Rovera told NBC News.

Rovera added that “airdrops are a last resort in cases where aid cannot be delivered by road, sea or any other agreed means.”

According to Rover, the road network is excellent and the entire length of the Gaza Strip is coastline. The problem is the United States’ inability to “must the political will” to deliver aid more effectively.

“The fact is that the United States administration has enormous leverage over Israel. “The only reason humanitarian aid is not coming in through normal channels is because the Israeli authorities say no,” Rovera said.

IDF says air support ‘makes fighting possible’

Airlifts to Gaza alleviate food shortages and “make the fight possible” for the Israel Defense Forces.

“Today, American and Jordanian planes dropped additional aid in the entire Strip. This is the effort that makes the fight possible,” Israeli Defense Ministry spokesman Daniel Hagari said in a statement on Saturday.

“We are investigating this incident after dozens of Palestinians were killed when aid vehicles entered the northern Gaza Strip on Thursday morning,” Hajari added.

According to the IDF, there is no basis for the allegations that the aid convoy was destroyed on purpose and that it intentionally harmed people. They said that they will present the results after their investigation into the incident.

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