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Where’s Kate Middleton? The internet wants to know

By 37ci3 Feb29,2024

Kate Middleton, Princess of Wales, has become the latest subject of online conspiracy theories as people continue to speculate on social media about why they think she has been out of the public eye.

There is Kensington Palace he said Kate is recovering from scheduled abdominal surgery. It was reported on January 17 that the 42-year-old will take a step back from public duties until Easter after the procedure.

But after Prince William, the heir to the British throne removed from the memorial service held for his godfather Kate’s name started trending on X this week, with memes, jokes and unsubstantiated theories flooding the platform due to a “personal matter”. Hundreds of people also wrote comments In a reddit thread titled: What’s going on with Kate Middleton?

Royal expert and author Elizabeth Holmes said the “absurdity” of the social media theory was heightened by William’s absence from the event.

“Of course there are people who are genuinely concerned for Kate, but the social media storm has been unfair,” said Holmes, who wrote “HRH: Lots of thoughts on Royal Style”. “This woman has just undergone major surgery and is recovering within the 10-week recovery schedule provided by the palace.”

The palace said on Tuesday that the Prince of Wales was continuing to do well declined to elaborate. That led to more speculation on Wednesday.

Many began to spread pictures of Kate’s time It is said that the last time it was filmed was on Christmas Day by the British tabloids.

There were also those who quickly started posting memes.

Some joked that she was recovering from a cosmetic procedure known as Kate BBLwhere fat is transferred from the stomach and thighs to the hips.

Other people He suggested that Kate could secretly perform in The Masked Singer. A FOX reality show featuring mysterious celebrities in costumes and masks singing or “Celebrity Big Brother.”

Many also indulged in the internet frenzy surrounding the chaos A Willy Wonka inspired experience In Glasgow, Scotland Photoshopped images of Kate there.

There is no indication that any of these conspiracies are remotely true.

The boundaries between the senior royals’ lives as taxpayer-funded public figures and private individuals have been recurring topics of debate.

William’s mother, Princess Diana, died in a car accident in Paris in 1997 while trying to avoid the paparazzi. His younger brother Harry and his wife Megan withdrew from official royal duties In 2020, after the couple came under intense media scrutiny.

More recently, the princesses’ father, King Charles III, made headlines with his cancer diagnosis. Charles has canceled public engagements while he receives treatment.

Recent health issues for both Kate and Charles have continued to fuel conversations about transparency surrounding the royal family’s medical records.

“The royals treat health issues as a private matter,” Holmes said. “If information is shared, it is usually intentionally vague or shared after the fact. I think the uncertainty hurt them here.”

On Thursday, Kate’s spokesperson reiterated that she was “doing well.”

“Kensington Palace announced the Prince’s recovery timeline in January and we will only provide significant updates. This leadership stands.”

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