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Trump said he saved the world from ‘nuclear holocaust’ in newly released video

By 37ci3 Jan20,2024

Former President Donald Trump claimed to have saved the planet from a “nuclear holocaust,” boasted about his finances and said he was president “on brand” in a newly released video of his testimony to New York Attorney General Letitia James. suit of fraud against him and his company.

“I was very busy … I thought it was the most important job in the world, saving millions of lives. I think if I wasn’t dealing with North Korea, you would have had a nuclear holocaust. I think if you had had a nuclear war. I wasn’t elected. And I think if you want to know the truth, there could be a nuclear war right now,” Trump said during a deposition on April 13, 2023, after being asked if he was too busy to run his company.He was in the White House.

At the beginning of his presidency, Trump promised to release and fury If North Korea continues to threaten the United States, like the world has never seen. Then it happened the first sitting president He met dictator Kim Jong-un here for a visit to the country, later for nuclear talks broke up.

Full 479 page written transcript it was a collapse was released last year, but excerpts from his interrogation video were made public by the AG’s office on Friday. James accused Trump and the Trump Organization of falsely inflating their assets to obtain bank loans. Trump maintains that the AG’s financial filings, which he says are greatly exaggerated, are actually conservative.

“We didn’t include billions of dollars in brand value,” Trump said in the deposition. The financial statements clearly state that they do not include brand value, but the AG’s office said it does include it for some listed properties.

“If I wanted to give you a good statement, I’d add maybe $10 billion or something for the brand,” Trump said. “I mean, I became president because of the brand, okay. I became president. I think it’s the hottest brand in the world.”

Trump also argued that the financial statements were essentially worthless because the banks already knew him — the same argument when testifying in court in November.

Closing arguments in court were held on January 11 and are expected to be delivered by Judge Arthur Engoro. let him give his verdict in the coming weeks. James is seeking a $370 million judgment, which his office says is the amount Trump ill-gotten through the scheme.

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