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Trump-appointed judge resigns after over sexual misconduct allegations

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An Alaska federal judge resigned Monday after an investigation found he had an inappropriate relationship with a law clerk and lied about it, while also creating a hostile work environment that included graphic sexual language for colleagues.

The 9th Circuit Judicial Council asked U.S. District Judge Joshua M. Kindred, who was nominated by a former president. Donald TrumpA brief stint as an assistant U.S. attorney in Alaska voluntarily resigned amid allegations of misconduct in which he said he engaged in an “inappropriate sexual relationship” with a law clerk.

Claims a 30 pages cheUrt order Beginning in May, the special committee’s lengthy report, made public for the first time, detailed that Chief District Judge Mary H. Murguia set a date early last year to investigate Kindred’s conduct after the 2022 allegations were made.

“We conclude that Judge Kindred’s misconduct was pervasive and abusive, constituted sexual harassment, and fostered a hostile work environment that caused personal and professional harm to many clerks,” the board said.

Joshua Kindred senate confirmation hearing
Joshua M. Kindred during a Senate Judiciary Committee hearing on Dec. 4, 2019, in Washington.Senate Judiciary Committee via Reuters file

relative submitted his resignation told President Joe Biden last week that he would resign on Monday.

The court order cited an October 2022 incident in which Kindred allegedly kissed and groped a former law clerk shortly after she left the clerk’s office and asked him out for drinks with her at the U.S. attorney’s office.

The warrant cites a second incident in which Kindred is accused of “putting his hands on me” and having oral sex with a law clerk.

The warrant includes interviews with Kindred’s clerks and judicial staff, as well as hundreds of pages of text messages detailing his inappropriate behavior, including discussions of his dating life and the lovers and dating lives of law officers, and abusive remarks about colleagues.

Also, Kindred said she “doesn’t mind using inappropriate language in a professional setting, such as judging people based on their ‘f—ability,’ stating they’re not ‘pretentious,’ or telling stories about ‘giving b— jobs in a hot tub.’ In the few cases in which clerks approached Judge Kindred to discuss his inappropriate behavior, they were humiliated or removed, and in one case, one clerk left the clerkship.”

Kindred made false statements and “obstructed, influenced and obstructed” her proceedings in connection with meetings with a law officer, the investigative report said.

Kindred said in a nine-page written response to the investigation that he “failed to enforce appropriate boundaries and cross lines that I shouldn’t have crossed” and that his relationship with the law officer was “not something that came out of something bad.” .”

Kindred could not be reached for comment Monday evening. Reached for comment, a court official referred NBC News to the 30-page ruling.

In a statement, Murguia said the investigation was aimed at “promoting a civil and respectful workplace free from discrimination and harassment and protecting the integrity of the Judiciary.”

“The process seeks to protect the effective and efficient management of the work of the courts. In all respects, it was a serious and sensitive matter,” said Murguia.

The Senate approved Kindred in 2020 54-41 vote which largely broke down along party lines. No Republican voted against his nomination.

Sen. Lisa Murkowski, R-Alaska, said Monday night on X that it was “more appropriate” for Kindred to resign.

“Under the Ninth Circuit Judicial Board on Ordinance and Certification, it is more appropriate for Mr. Kindred to resign. Judges are held to the highest standards, and Mr. Kindred fell far short of that standard.” he wrote. “I will work quickly to nominate a replacement candidate for consideration.”

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