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Chuck Schumer eyes new bill hitting back at Trump immunity ruling

By 37ci3 Jul9,2024

WASHINGTON – Conservatives accuse Supreme Court justices of “putting a crown on Donald Trump’s head.” allows you to commit crimes with impunitySenate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer said Monday that he plans to respond to the legislation. the court’s decision last week.

“We democrats will not allow the decision of the Supreme Court to remain unaddressed. The Constitution clearly states that Congress has the power to check the judiciary through appropriate legislation. “I will work with my colleagues on legislation that would classify Trump’s election sabotage actions as unofficial acts that are not subject to immunity,” D. Y. Schumer said in the Senate hall.

Schumer spoke as the Senate returned from recess, a week after the Supreme Court handed Trump a sweeping 6-3 victory along ideological lines and said presidents have legal immunity from prosecution for “official acts” that take place on the job but are not official. moves. The terms are open to interpretation, and Schumer is trying to push Trump’s attempts to overturn the 2020 election beyond the scope of his presidency.

“We’re doing this because we believe that no president in America should be free to overturn an election against the will of the people, regardless of what conservative justices believe,” Schumer said. “While we work on this important issue, we will continue to work on other proposals to restore Congress’ Article 1 powers to curb abuses of our federal judiciary. The American people are tired, just tired, of justices who think they are beyond responsibility.”

The specifics of the bill have yet to be determined, and there will undoubtedly be hurdles to moving the legislation forward in the Senate, where Democrats hold a razor-thin majority in the chamber, requiring 60 votes to pass.

Besides Congress, the White House This was reported by NBC News It is exploring its options on how to respond after the Supreme Court decision.

“We are reviewing the decision and, given this dangerous precedent, will explore what can be done to address it to better protect democracy and the rule of law in the future,” White House spokesman Ian Sams said.

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