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Biden campaign co-chair signals that president will bring up Trump’s conviction during debate

By 37ci3 Jun23,2024

On Sunday, President Joe Biden’s campaign co-chairman Mitch Landrieu hinted that Biden would take a shot at former President Donald Trump over his legal troubles at Thursday’s presidential debate in Atlanta.

“It doesn’t matter what Donald Trump looks like when he walks in, like he often does, or if he sits there and is quiet,” Landrieu said in an interview on NBC’s “Meet the Press.” “He is a convict who was found to have exploited and went bankrupt six times, and was impeached twice.”

Hosted by guest moderator Peter Alexander new Biden campaign ad He calls Trump a “convicted felon” and asked Landrieu if that line of attack would carry over to Thursday’s debate.

“I’ll let the president say what he has to say, but the point is, sometimes the sky is blue and Donald Trump is a convicted felon” Landrieu said.

In May, a New York jury found Trump guilty hef 34 criminal cases Falsification of business records in New York. The jury also found Trump responsible genderly abus and slanderEng writer E. Jean Carroll.

Meanwhile, South Dakota Gov. Kristi Noem and Florida Rep. Byron Donalds — both Republicans once rumored to be on Trump’s running list — offered their advice for the former president ahead of the debate.

“I think what you’re going to see obviously is that the CNN moderator is going to do everything in his power to go after President Trump, to get under his skin. I think President Trump, what he’s going to do is focus. It all comes back to the terrible Biden agenda,” Donalds said Sunday. day to Fox News.

“I don’t think he needs to talk about being personal at all in this debate because he’s going to have a lot of good things to talk about, unlike Joe Biden’s politics… [which] It’s just been devastating for families living in this country,” Noem told Meet the Press.

“I think that’s what President Trump plans to focus on,” he said.

Last week, Biden campaign officials This was reported by NBC News said that the president will focus on highlighting Trump’s positions on reproductive rights and tax breaks during the discussions.

“Donald Trump wakes up every day, thinks about himself, thinks about his rich friends, and then thinks about ways to hurt people with the power he would have if he were president of the United States again,” Landrieu said. added: “And I think the president wants to be really clear about the difference between the two.”

After the date was announced, the two campaigns had less than two months to prepare for this week’s debate the last one mtenth. Biden met with top advisers at Camp David in Maryland to prepareTrump is rumored to be participating in more informal policy sessions with his team his term as vice president is short list.

The campaigns are the first two of two debates on Thursday Whitereed to; Trump and Biden are also scheduled to meet in September.

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