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Officers who defended the Capitol on Jan. 6 booed at Pennsylvania state House

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On Jan. 6, two officers defending the Capitol were booed and booed by Republicans at the Pennsylvania State House while visiting the House, according to several lawmakers present.

Republicans mocked the former Capitol Police Harry Dunn and former U.S. Capitol Police Sgt. Aquilino Gonell, introduced Wednesday by state House Speaker Joanna McClinton as part of a trip to Pennsylvania to discuss the former president’s threat Donald Trump opposes democracy.

Lawmakers’ responses to the visiting officers underscore a deep divide between the two sides’ views on the Jan. 6 attack on the U.S. Capitol, with Democrats praising the heroism of former officers and Republicans, according to people who attended.

“All of the Democrats stood and applauded the officers, and most of the Republicans either stood — but didn’t applaud — and started yelling or left the floor,” he said. “I want to be clear, there were absolutely Republican members who cheered and stood up. But the majority did not.”

Dunn and Gonell have been vocal in condemning the Jan. 6 attack and criticizing Trump’s rhetoric, and both called out the former president in statements about Wednesday’s demonstrations.

Both said it was “surprising but sad” that Trump’s allies “followed his lead in mocking the Jan. 6 attack on the Capitol and embracing political violence.”

“That’s why we’re here campaigning for President Biden — because we and many Americans are deeply concerned that history could repeat itself if Trump isn’t stopped,” he said.

Gonell told NBC News that it was “shocking but not surprising” that Trump’s support for the lawmakers treated them this way.

“They came out, started taunting us and turned their backs on us,” Gonell said. “They literally turned their backs on us and then they’ll probably go on TV and say they support the police.”

House Republican Leader Bryan Cutler said Wednesday that he had “personally spoken with both of the former officers,” adding in a statement that he and other Republicans also posed for photos with the pair.

Cutler attacked Democrats for using their “politicized actions in the House to raise money for campaign coffers,” referring to a fundraising email sent Wednesday.

In the corridor, the Democrats blamed the Republicans for X, calling their actions “a disgraceful show disrespect to heroes” and “mean behavior,” with one legislative writing that “there is no bottom”.

Rep. Greg Scott, a Democrat, said he was “absolutely shocked” by the Republicans’ actions.

“I hear them talking about being in favor of law and order. “They’d like to think they’re the pro-blue side of the world – but they made it clear yesterday. They only support the orange man.”

State Rep. Ryan Bizzarro, also a Democrat, said the Republicans’ behavior was not partisan but rather “the behavior of someone in a sect.”

“This was a shameful, inexcusable act of brutality against those heroic officers,” Bizzarro said in a message to NBC News.

Gonell testified that he could have died on Jan. 6, and that the injuries he sustained from the attack, some surgery is required. He was repeatedly attacked by several rioters and appeared at the court hearings of several of his attackers.

Dunn testified On January 6, he faced racist insults. He confronted his members Swearers and testified during a riot conspiracy trial involving members of the group.

Congress blethrough w A March 2023 deadline to install a plaque honoring the officers who responded to the January 6 attack.

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