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NAACP urges Biden to halt weapons to Israel and help end Gaza war

By 37ci3 Jun7,2024

In a new letter, the NAACP urged President Joe Biden to stop sending arms to Israel and use the United States’ influence to end the war in Gaza.

A letter from a civil rights organization arrives a few days later Biden said on May 31 He said that Israel has proposed a new ceasefire plan and called on Hamas to accept this plan, saying, “It’s time for this war to end and the next day to begin.” In a surprise announcement, he said that he announced the ceasefire proposal sent from Israel to Hamas.

“The latest statement from the Biden administration is helpful, but it doesn’t go far enough,” NAACP officials said said in the statement. “It’s one thing to call for a truce, it’s another thing to take the necessary measures for everyone’s release. It is imperative that the violence, which has claimed the lives of so many civilians, be stopped immediately.”

“The President shares and is working tirelessly to end the violence and bring about a just, lasting peace in the Middle East,” Biden-Harris campaign spokeswoman Sarafina Chitika said in an emailed statement.

“The stakes of this election could not be higher, and with our communities, our democracy and our freedoms at stake, our campaign is to win every vote – not for want,” he said.

More than 36,500 people He was killed in Gaza, according to the Gaza Ministry of Health, Israel launched an attack after the October 7 attacks by Hamas. About 2 million Palestinians have become internally displaced Associated Press informed. According to AP, about 1,200 people were killed in Israel until April. This was reported by Israeli officials About 120 people are being held captive in Gaza, at least a third of whom are believed to be dead.

Biden’s Declining support among black voters his support for Israel is increasingly coming up in the national conversation. Black communities played a key role with in securing Biden’s 2020 victory 92% of blacks support Biden then on Donald Trump. Now, nearly four years later, 77% of black voters say They will vote for Biden. While the Israel-Gaza war is increasingly important to black voters, economic concerns are a top concern for the group when determining how they will vote in the November election. According to NPR.

Earlier this year, more than 1,000 Black pastors from churches across the country, encouraged by their young parishioners, signed an open letter urging Biden to push for a ceasefire. The New York Times informed. They also called on Hamas to release all hostages and end Israel’s occupation of the West Bank. Like the NAACP, pastors have warned that Biden’s support for Israel could hinder him in the election.

Biden has come under increasing pressure from politicians in recent months. college studentsactivists and others to secure a ceasefire and end financial support for Israel’s war effort.

in a survey conducted by Carnegie Endowment for International Peace in April, 68% of black Americans said they wanted the United States to support a permanent ceasefire. The number of black Americans who say they sympathize with the plight of Palestine rose from 32% in October to 45% in April. A previous one request found that while Americans generally tend to support Israel, a majority of black Americans polled reject the idea of ​​”unwavering support” for Israel and are more sympathetic to Gaza than other racial groups surveyed.

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