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Defense Secretary Austin says protecting civilians in Gaza is a ‘strategic imperative’

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Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin told NBC of civilians it is a strategic imperative,” he expressed a secret criticism of Israel’s war in the Gaza Strip. increasing death toll and humanitarian crisis it brought the civilian population there on the brink of starvation.

Austin said in an interview on NBC News’ “Nightly News with Lester Holt” on Thursday. D-Day commemoration in Normandy American Cemetery, France. Austin discussed the need for global stabilityinternational support for Ukraineand Israel’s war in Gaza.

Tune in to NBC Nightly News at 6:30 PM ET / 5:30 PM CT to watch the interview (check local listings).

when asked if Israel’s goal is to destroy Hamas militarily possible, Austin’s response focused on a heart-and-mind approach rather than victory on the battlefield. “Hamas is an idea,” Austin said. “And the way to defeat an idea is a better idea.”

“You have to do the right things to ensure the civilian population, to get the civilian population away from Hamas.” Austin called for increased humanitarian aid and for the international community to “do everything possible to help the Palestinian people.”

He once again emphasized what the United States will do It continues to support the defense of Israel and the goal of defeating Hamas, Austin said the goals are not mutually exclusive. “You can achieve your goals and still protect civilians,” he said, calling civilian protection a “strategic imperative” that would “enable long-term success.”

He spoke of the need to defeat Hamas, but said the task was not to destroy it completely, as Israel sought, but to exhaust Hamas’s military potential. ceasefire plan introduced by President Joe Biden last week.

“It’s possible to do both,” Austin said. “And hopefully we’ll see change in the future.”

Under Austin, the Pentagon instituted new procedures to prevent civilian casualties during US military operations. During a visit to Israel in December, Austin delivered a clear message: unless the country does more to protect civilians, it could face a “strategic defeat” that would undermine its security.

In the months that followed, the death toll in Gaza continued to rise and Israel was overwhelmed stronger and stronger international condemnation by the number of war dead. According to the enclave’s health ministry, at least 36,000 people have been killed since the war began, a third of them women and children.

Austin also discussed Ukraine Relates Allied efforts during World War II to the current war fighting on the continent. “Security assistance to Ukraine is important,” Austin said, “not just for Ukraine, not just for Europe, but for the whole world.”

“This is about maintaining a rules-based international order,” he said. “It’s about making sure that tyrants don’t wake up one day and decide to erase their neighbor’s borders and annex their neighbor’s property.”

Austin also confirmed that he is cancer-free amid ongoing concerns and controversy surrounding his health. Austin is the chief of staff this week Kelly Magsamen will resign.

Maksaman was one of the few who noticed this Austin was in the hospital An episode that drew widespread criticism for him in January Delay in informing the White House and key Pentagon officials about complications following a minimally invasive procedure to treat his previously undisclosed prostate cancer.

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