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Mother of Jan. 6 officer Michael Fanone swatted after he called Trump ‘authoritarian’

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WASHINGTON – Former police officer Michael Fanone, who was nearly killed by a mob during the Jan. 6 attack on the US Capitol, called Trump outside the courthouse during closing arguments in Donald Trump’s impeachment trial on Tuesday.authoritarian“with”violence fetish.”

Hours later, Fanone’s mother “he snapped“At his home in Virginia.

On Tuesday, a fake “manifesto” attributed to Fanone was sent to a number of email addresses, including some associated with the high school Fanone attended more than two decades ago. The “manifesto,” seen by NBC News, claimed the writer killed their mother and planned to go to the recipient’s school on Wednesday and shoot more people. He gave Fanone’s mother’s home address.

That night, Fanone told NBC News that his mother answered law enforcement’s door while in her nightgown and was “dismayed” to find a SWAT team inside her home.

“How dangerous is it to actually send law enforcement to an address where you describe an active shooter, and the only person there is a 78-year-old woman,” Fanone told NBC News. “This is the reality of opposing or challenging Donald Trump… These squealing calls are incredibly dangerous, especially when the target is someone like my mother.”

At the Capitol, pro-Trump protesters clashed with DC Police Officer Michael Fanone
On January 6, 2021, pro-Trump protesters clashed with DC Police Officer Michael Fanone at the Capitol. Shannon Stapleton/Reuters/Redux file

The Fairfax County Police Department’s threat assessment management team assisted in the investigation, the department told NBC News. The Alexandria Police Department did not immediately respond to NBC News’ request for comment. The FBI had no immediate comment.

Fanone said he understood police had received more than two dozen calls about the incident. Fanone said his father’s address was also targeted, but he was out of the country.

“All I’m doing is going out there and talking about what happened to me and a lot of other police officers, like I always do, and that’s the appeal,” Fanone said. “This is a direct result of that.”

Fanone had previously spoken before the Capitol attack January 6 Committee and made statements at the hearings regarding the sentencing of the rioters who attacked him. He left the Metropolitan Police Department in late 2021 after being assigned to a desk job and targeted by other officers within the MPD.

Fanone, who voted for Trump in 2016, spoke outside the courthouse on Tuesday campaign event For President Joe Biden. He blamed Trump’s “lies” for the Capitol attack.

“These supporters have been fired up by Trump’s lies and the lies of his proxies, the lies about the 2020 election being stolen,” Fanone said. “The same lies were told by Donald Trump and his trusted surrogates about what happened to me and many other police officers on January 6, 2021, the day I was brutally attacked.”

Fanone named the four individuals who attacked him on January 6, 2021, all Trump supporters: Head of Albuquerqueserving 7.5 years in federal prison; Kyle YoungServing more than 7 years; Thomas Sibik, sentenced to four years of imprisonment; and Danny “DJ” Rodriguez12.5 years in federal prison, who put a stun gun to Fanone’s neck and served one of the longest sentences ever given to a rioter on January 6.

“All four of these individuals are self-proclaimed Trump supporters, and all four have committed violence against law enforcement. I am just one representative of the hundreds of police officers who were attacked that day by supporters inspired by the lies of Donald Trump. The lies continue to this day to turn my fellow Americans against police officers. inspires Americans to turn against their fellow citizens,” Fanone said. “At the end of the day, this election is about Donald Trump and his vision of the Office of the President of the United States as an authoritarian, not as a public servant who answers to the electorate, the people who elected him. which answers and serves only itself.”

Jack Smith, the special counsel who oversaw the federal election interference case against Trump in Washington and the classified documents case in Florida, was the target of an attempted attack on Christmas Day. This was reported by NBC News. As well as, It was Tanya ChutkanThe federal judge overseeing the pending election interference case in Washington While the Supreme Court ruled whether the presidency is a license to commit a crime with full immunity.

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