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GOP Rep. Tony Gonzales wins primary election runoff against Brandon Herrera

By 37ci3 May29,2024

Texas GOP Rep. Tony Gonzalez Uvalde won Tuesday’s primary runoff, defeating a tough opponent who attacked him for taking bipartisan votes, including helping pass new gun legislation after the school shooting.

Gonzalez defeated the pro-gun YouTube personality Brandon Herrera A total of 407 votes, 50.7% to 49.3%, according to the Associated Press. Gonzalez received 45% of the vote in the March primary, compared to 25% for Herrera, but the two advanced to a runoff as neither received a majority.

Gonzalez will now be favored to win a third term this fall in Texas’ 23rd Congressional District — a 7-point margin for Donald Trump in 2020. Daily Kos Elections — On Democrat Santos Limon, civil engineer. The vast US-Mexico border region stretches from the outskirts of San Antonio to El Paso.

In 2024, Gonzalez would become the first House member in Alabama to lose a primary outside of a race. pitted two officials against each other after redistribution. was supported by Texas Governor Greg AbbottHouse Speaker Mike Johnson, R-La., and even actor Matthew McConaughey, who recorded the robocalls for Gonzalez.

Nicknamed “The AK Guy,” Herrera has a gun-focused YouTube channel with more than 3.4 million subscribers. He was endorsed by Rep. Matt Gaetz of Florida, a MAGA firebrand, and Rep. Bob Goode of Virginia, chairman of the House Freedom Caucus.

Herrera’s Strong support for gun rights raised an issue Gonzalez has fought politically since 2022, when he joined 13 other House Republicans in voting with Democrats to pass legislation expanding background checks for gun buyers younger than 21. A federal offense of illegal firearms trafficking in the United States

The bill passed the House just weeks after a mass shooting at Robb Elementary School in Uvalde, located in Gonzalez County, left 21 students and teachers dead.

The Texas Republican Party cited Gonzalez’s vote in favor of the bill as one of the reasons chose to condemn the official In addition to his support for a measure last year protecting same-sex marriage.

Despite the political blows, Gonzalez said Sunday on CBS’ “Face the Nation.” “You can’t be afraid to do what you think is right. You will never be perfect, but you have to fight for the things that are important to us. “It should be important for all of us to protect our children from being killed by crazy people.”

“I am not afraid of this vote. I’m not afraid of this runoff,” Gonzalez added after saying, “I’m in the middle of a runoff fighting for my life politically.”

According to AdImpact, the Republican Jewish Coalition’s Victory Fund, the American Action Network (a nonprofit aligned with the House leadership) and the Hispanic Leadership Alliance, which has spent millions in Gonzalez’s defense, will spend millions on primary runoff ad spending, according to AdImpact. It took more than 5 million dollars.

RJC communications director Sam Markstein told NBC News before the primary runoff that the group sees Gonzalez as a “jobber” in Congress and called Herrera “crazy.”

Herrera’s campaign has spent just over $700,000 on ads in the district since the primary. praises himself As an ally of Trump. He also attacked Gonzalez.[putting] America is the last.”

Gonzales allies hit Herrera on the air with clips from his online videos, including one mocking veteran suicides, “I often think about putting a gun in my mouth. So I’m basically an honorary veteran.”

It’s an argument that pro-Gonzalez groups are hoping for It is particularly prominent in this district, which is home to Joint Base San Antonio and Fort Bliss.

Gonzalez’s allies also labeled Herrera a carpetbagger, saying he had just moved to Texas from North Carolina.

RJC officials linked Herrera to the current “chaos” in Congress.

“Very subtle [GOP] The majority, as you know, will be further compromised and more difficult by adding someone who is going to go out there to cause chaos,” Markstein said.

“We don’t need chaos in the House,” Markstein added, “We need strong leadership and effective leadership.”

Henry Cuellar takes on his GOP challenger

Gonzalez’s fight for another term was the highest-profile of several early runoff elections for congressional seats in Texas on Tuesday.

In Texas’ 28th District, retired Navy SEAL Jay Furman defeated farmer Lazaro Garz in a Republican primary runoff for the right to face Democratic Rep. Henry Cuellar in November, the AP predicted.

Cuellar and his wife in May was indicted on federal charges bribery and money laundering. The congressman has denied any wrongdoing. According to estimates, President Joe Biden won Cuellar’s district by 7 points in 2020. Daily Kos Elections.

The AP also predicted that state Rep. Craig Goldman won the Republican primary runoff over business owner John O’Shea in Texas’ 12th District. An all-red seat is currently represented by retiring Rep. Kay Granger.

The race has split GOP loyalties in the state, with Abbott endorsing Goldman and state Attorney General Paxton O’Shea.

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