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FBI arrests ‘dreaded’ Jan. 6 defendant it says rammed ‘Trump’ sign into police line

By 37ci3 May29,2024

“We’re not going! We’re not going anywhere!” According to the FBI, Knight yelled at the officers. “Here, b—-s. Here, b—-s.”

Knight also helped use a giant metal-framed “TRUMP” sign as a battering ram against a number of police officers and then pushed one officer, the FBI said.

It was difficult for the courts to understand the intention of the January 6 participants who touched that sign. Some rioters those convicted over their use of a giant sign, but one protester was acquitted of a charge related to a “TRUMP” sign, a judge found evidence “uncertain“, although the defendant was found guilty of assaulting officers at multiple other points during the attack.

Federal prosecutors have indicted more than 1,425 rioters in the more than three years since the Capitol attack, and as of Jan. 6, more than 1,019 defendants have been convicted. More than 540 rioters were sentenced to imprisonment for several days behind bars 22 years in federal prison for former Proud Boys chairman Enrique Tarrio was found guilty of sedition along with three others in the organization.

Friday’s dismissal of a federal judge appointed by Trump on charges of obstruction of justice against the January 6 rioters continues until the Supreme Court judges a man known as the Supreme Court. The “Doomsday Panda” of all the Capitol attack charges he faced. Later Friday, former Boston K-9 officer Joseph Fisher — who attacked Capitol police with a chair — called his behavior “outrageous” on Jan. 6 before he was sentenced to 20 months in federal prison. Christopher Quaglin was a violent rioter on January 6 He was sentenced to 12 years in prison In a federal prison on Friday, he said at a hearing that Trump would be back in office in eight short months and offered his services to a future Trump administration before insulting a Trump-appointed judge.

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