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Michael Cohen cross-examination resumes in N.Y. hush money trial

By 37ci3 May20,2024

A group of Trump attorneys spoke outside the courthouse as protesters chanted words like “liar” and “traitor” and shouted loudly, drowning out testimony from some of their allies.

South Carolina Attorney General Alan Wilson spoke first, telling the crowd he was there because he chose to be because “prosecution is important.”

“I wanted this country to understand exactly what prosecutors across the country call a sham trial: a sham trial,” Wilson said.

“When I was a prosecutor in South Carolina, I was taught that real prosecutors don’t prosecute people. They prosecute behavior. What we see today is a person being prosecuted for who they are,” the attorney general continued. .

Later, the former official of the US National Security Council, Kash Patel, spoke and said that the real criminal is Cohen, and Trump is just a victim.

“I’m proud to be here supporting Donald Trump. He was a victim of unconstitutional weaponization of justice, and we as a country are victims,” ​​Patel said.

A number of other Trump allies, including state representatives from New York, Missouri and Georgia, and state representatives from New York, Missouri and Georgia also shared comments in support of Trump as the protesters chanted, “We’re not doing it!”

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By 37ci3

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