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Hunter Biden asks appeals court to postpone June gun trial

By 37ci3 May20,2024

Hunter Biden appeals to federal appeals court delaying his trial on gun charges scheduled to begin in Delaware next month.

attorney for son of the president He appealed to the 3rd Circuit Court of Appeals on Monday — two weeks before the trial was set to begin in Wilmington. A jury of three already rejected Biden’s request reversing the trial judge’s denial of several motions to dismiss.

“There is no urgency in the immediate trial of Robert Hunter Biden, but the district court is moving forward with a trial date of June 3, 2024, and applying all pretrial burdens in this matter even before this Court grants its mandate returning jurisdiction to the district court,” Biden attorney Abbe Lowell said Sunday. he wrote in a lawsuit the next day.

He also asked the full panel of the 3rd Circuit to reconsider Biden’s earlier appeal of the motions to dismiss the indictment on various grounds.

Biden was indicted in September on federal charges related to having a gun while on drugs, including allegations that he produced a drug-free affidavit when he bought the revolver in 2018. He pleaded not guilty in October.

Separately, Biden faces federal tax charges. The case will go to trial on June 20 in California. Biden pleaded not guilty to these charges.

Both cases are being prosecuted by special prosecutor David Weiss, who was appointed by former President Donald Trump to be the U.S. attorney for Delaware. Attorney General Merrick Garland then appointed Weiss to his current position.

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