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Trump says he has ‘no problem’ welcoming RFK Jr. to debates if he qualifies

By 37ci3 May16,2024

Former President Donald Trump said in a new interview that he has “no problem” with independent candidate Robert F. Kennedy Jr. joining him and President Joe Biden on the debate stage if he meets the criteria for the upcoming June and September presidential debates.

“If he took any limit, I would not have a problem. But he is very mean and seems to be going in a different direction, in the wrong direction,” Trump said. interview With Charles Benson, chief political reporter for WTMJ-TV Milwaukee. “I wouldn’t have a problem with that though. I wouldn’t have a problem if he qualified.”

After months of speculation, both campaigns that Trump and Biden would even face off in a debate format committed There will be two debates on Wednesday, one in late June and the other in September.

RFK Jr. He accused Trump and Biden A “negotiation” to exclude him from discussions on social media shortly after the debate concluded on Wednesday.

“They are trying to shut me out of the debate because they are afraid I will win,” Kennedy wrote. his post.

Robert F. Kennedy Jr. speaks
Robert F. Kennedy Jr. speaks at a rally on May 13 in Austin, Texas. Sergio Flores / AFP – Getty Images

Trump told NBC Milwaukee’s NBC affiliate that he will likely announce his vice presidential pick in the city this summer, citing the Republican convention to be held there July 15-18.

“It’s probably a pretty good chance, I’d say. I’m not saying anything is 100%, but you’re getting very close,” Trump said. “I’ll do it in Milwaukee.

This is the clearest opinion that Trump has given about the vice presidential election. In the meantime, potential candidates She has been raising money with Trump and speaking on his behalf before a New York court where his hushed money trial continues.

Trump, who has said for months that Kennedy’s candidacy would hurt Biden’s chances more than his own, has increased his criticism of the independent candidate. In a recent video posted to Truth Social, Trump called Kennedy a “Democrat plant” and a “radical left-wing liberal.”

“He’s not a Republican, so don’t think you’re going to vote for him and feel good,” Trump said.

Various polls showed Kennedy getting more votes than either candidate. Recently, the national NBC News survey A head-to-head matchup with Biden saw Kennedy win more support than voters who chose Trump.

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