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When it comes to challenging election results, Trump says to ‘follow your heart’

By 37ci3 May8,2024

Former president Donald Trump On Tuesday, he said he had no regrets about contesting the results of the 2020 election and said it was important to “follow your heart” when it came to “fixing the election.”

“No, that would be a terrible thing because you have to fix the election. You have to have a fair and free election,” Trump said when asked if he would accept a Joe Biden victory in 2020. NBC affiliate WGAL in Pennsylvania.

“If you don’t, you should always have the right to challenge them,” Trump added. “If you couldn’t protest elections, you wouldn’t have a democracy. You wouldn’t have elections anymore. What you want – you should really follow your heart.”

Trump frequently airs election grievances at campaign rallies and continues to falsely insist that he will win the 2020 election. He defended the cause of his supporters who protested the results of these elections and stormed the US Capitol on January 6, 2021. “definitely” consider pardoning them.

In a recent interview with Time, Trump said he would have a hard time hiring anyone who believes Biden will win in 2020: “I wouldn’t feel good about it.”

Trump last week would not commit accepting the results of the upcoming 2024 elections – a position shared by many supporters.

“If everything is honest, I will gladly accept the results. I’m not changing that,” Trump said Interview with the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel. If not, you should fight for the rights of the country.”

Trump supporters attacked the US Capitol after a rally with President Donald Trump on January 6, 2021.
Former President Donald Trump defended the case of his supporters who stormed the capitol on January 6, 2021.Samuel Corum/Getty Images file

In a statement to WGAL on Tuesday, Trump also compared the Jan. 6 riots to pro-Palestinian campus protests — insisting that the riots, where there is more than one person died and About 140 policemen were injured – was “nothing” compared to the campus protests. Trump said the recent protests showed Biden “is a threat to democracy.”

“January. 6 was nothing like that,” he said.

Biden said he supports people’s right to speak but condemns any violent behavior.

“There is the right to object but not the right to cause chaos,” Biden said in a statement last week.

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