Sat. May 18th, 2024

Trump voters skeptical that Biden could legitimately win reelection in 2024

By 37ci3 May7,2024

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  • It’s a ‘relatively good sign’ that Israeli mediators are continuing ceasefire talks – hostage family member


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    Trump voters are skeptical that Biden can be legally re-elected in 2024


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    Senator Scott refuses to accept 2024 election results, says Trump will win


  • Tim Scott pushes back on federal abortion ban while campaigning with Trump


  • Kelly, the Arizona senator, has said he favors getting rid of the filibuster to codify abortion rights


  • Senator Kelly says ‘police intervention is appropriate’ when campus protests are ‘unlawful acts’


  • Democratic convention organizers are trying to balance freedom of speech with security amid tensions over the protests


  • Sen. Tim Scott says Trump did not provide a short list of vice presidents during the Florida donor retreat


  • McCain, the head of the World Food Program, says that everyone on the ground in Gaza is at risk


  • Trump hosts potential VP candidates including Rubio, Stefanik, Vance at Mar-a-Lago


  • Arizona Sen. Kelly says immigration is the “most frustrating” issue of her “adult life.”


  • Sen. Mark Kelly Says Kari Lake’s Rhetoric ‘Could Kill’ People


  • Federal funding is a ‘privilege’ ‘not a right,’ Tim Scott tells college presidents: Full interview

    12:27 p.m

  • Six months before Election Day, campus protests and threats of violence loom on the campaign trail


  • Senator Kelly Says US Military Will Wage War Against Hamas ‘Very Differently’


  • ‘I’ve been working on this for 50 years:’ Democratic lawmaker welcomes plan to reclassify marijuana


  • ‘There’s never a last chance’: Hamas prisoner’s relative reacts to hostage talks


  • Cindy McCain, executive director of the World Food Program, said there was a “total famine” in northern Gaza.


  • ‘He’s not Biden, he’s not Trump:’ Young Wisconsin voters discuss RFK Jr. in focus group


  • Focus group: Young Wisconsin voters say abortion is a big factor in 2024


Many supporters of former President Donald Trump across the country do not believe President Biden can win the 2024 election without the election being “rigged” in his favor, NBC News’ Alex Tabet reports.

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