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Stormy Daniels testifies in hush money case

By 37ci3 May7,2024

Stormi Daniels said she was born and raised in Baton Rouge, La. He said his parents divorced when he was four years old.

“Now I live in Florida with my partner and share custody of my little girl with her father,” Daniels said, adding that she has known her partner “for almost 25 years.”

Raised in Louisiana, he said he was raised mostly by a working mother, had a rigorous elementary school experience and eventually went to an engineering high school. He said he wanted to be a technician and graduated from Scottlandville Magnet High School in 1997.

He said he graduated in the top 10% of his class, took college classes in high school and was editor of the school newspaper. “I was in the journalism association.”

Daniels said he worked at a horse stable in high school shoveling manure and received a veterinary scholarship to Texas A&M, but took a year off to save money and ultimately never went.

Later, she engaged in exotic dancing.

“They didn’t bother to check my ID, so I started dancing on the weekends, which was really cool because I didn’t have to miss any classes,” she said.

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