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Kristi Noem suggests Biden’s dog Commander should be killed like hers

By 37ci3 May6,2024

WASHINGTON — Kristi Noem suggested Sunday that President Joe Biden’s dog handler could meet the same fate as the South Dakota governor’s 14-month-old dog Cricket. described shooting and killing in his forthcoming book.

“Joe Biden’s dog attacked 24 Secret Service agents. So how many people does it take to be attacked and dangerously injured before you decide on a dog and what to do with it?” Noem, who is considered a potential candidate of former President Donald Trump, said in an interview with the CBS TV channel “Face the Nation”.

The commander was a German shepherd moved from the White House after a series of biting incidents last year.

according to CBS News, Noem’s memoir, which will be released this week, also includes a reference to the Commander. In the book, Noem says that if he got to the White House, the first thing he would do was make sure Biden’s dog wasn’t in the building. “Commander, say hello to Cricket,” he imagines himself saying CBS News.

When “Face the Nation” moderator Margaret Brennan asked Noem if the commander no longer lives in the White House and if he wanted to say that Biden’s dog should be shot, Noem replied: “The president should be held accountable for that.”

The Biden campaign did not immediately respond to a request for comment. The White House declined to comment.

On Sunday, Noem continued to defend his account of killing his dog. The incident is reportedly described in his forthcoming book; when the story came to light Guardian he bought a copy in advance.

NBC News has not obtained a copy of Noem’s book and could not independently confirm The Guardian’s account.

In her book, Noem describes her dog as “less than worthless” and “unteachable.” According to The Guardian, it also details Cricket killing his neighbor’s chickens. After shooting his dog, Noem killed his family’s goat, which he called “dirty and vile.”

“I made a difficult choice. I think you’re a mother too. You have young children,” Noem said in an interview on Sunday. “Would you choose between your children or a dangerous animal? I think I would ask everyone in the country to put themselves in that position.”

Asked why she didn’t take the dog to a shelter instead of killing it, Noem said Cricket was a “working dog” and “came from a family that already had issues with this dog.”

“I didn’t ask someone else to take this responsibility for me… I had to make this decision myself,” he said.

I have Noah many times Defending the decision he made more than 20 years ago, he said his dog was a “working dog” and “not small”.

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