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This pro-Trump TV show is mixing conservative commentary and end-times prophecy

By 37ci3 May4,2024

Bradley Onishi, a former megachurch pastor and author, said the program fits into a growing evangelical movement that urges followers to “think of themselves as soldiers in the cosmic conflict.”Preparation for War,” Documenting the history and rise of Christian nationalism in America. Onishi said that for FlashPoint devotees, the political debate is no longer just about who will win the next election; they speak of the fate of eternity.

“When you explain it to people that way,” he said, “you can motivate them not just for action, but for extreme measures.”

Trump has adopted elements of this framework, warning in his speeches that the left wants to “tear down the crosses” and denying his return to office. to restore Christian power. He also promised to repeal the Johnson Amendment, a rarely applied A federal law that prohibits nonprofit foundations and religious organizations, including the organization that runs Victory Channel, from endorsing political candidates.

White evangelical Protestants remain among Trump’s most loyal voting blocs, with more than 80% planning or leaning toward voting for him in November. Pew Research survey found. In hopes of increasing that number, FlashPoint has called on pastors to preach a pro-Trump message on Sunday mornings.

FlashPoint host Bailey did not respond to messages requesting an interview.

Regular FlashPoint panelist Rick Greene is the founder of Patriot Academy, a Texas nonprofit that teaches courses on what the nation calls its distinctly Christian origins. controversial by historians. He told NBC News that he believes many of those who criticize the show’s mixing of religion and politics are ignorant of “fundamental American principles.” Green said others harbor “hatred and intolerance of dissenting opinions.”

“You get more truth from FlashPoint than any news program in the country,” Green said.

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