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Almost 40% of local election officials surveyed report threats or abuse, says a new report

By 37ci3 May1,2024

According to the results of a survey of local election officials in the United States, 38% have such an experience “threats, harassment or abuse” According to a report released Wednesday by the Brennan Center for Justice, 54% worry about the safety of their colleagues.

In a survey conducted among more than 925 local election officials in February and March, it was found that 62% were worried about the attempts of political leaders to interfere in the elections. how election officials do their jobs.

Thirteen percent of local officials who responded said they were “concerned about facing pressure to certify the results in favor of a particular candidate or party.”

“Election officials are making adjustments to ensure the safety of workers and voters. The numbers around threats, harassment and interference remain unacceptably high, but election officials are not passive in the face of this hostile environment. They are investing in security training, increasing physical and cyber security measures, and building stronger networks with emergency management services,” said Lawrence Norden, senior director for elections and government at the Brennan Center, part of New York University School of Law.

NBC News reported on the growing security threats election workers face as the November presidential elections approach. Many local jurisdictions said they need more money for more security and more training for election workers on what to do if their safety is threatened.

Hanging over poll workers are false claims made by former President Donald Trump and his supporters after the 2020 election, insisting they were “stolen” from Trump by poll workers who manipulated the election results.

Trump has recently told supporters at his rallies that in areas like Philadelphia, votes are drowning or falling to the ground.

Omar Sabir, chairman of the city commission that oversees Philadelphia’s elections, received a threatening voicemail and e-mail. “We have insiders who are going to be scammers this time, and those who break the law will be sent to federal prison,” the email said.

Sabir and others said the federal government should do more to keep local officials safe.

Four in five respondents to a Brennan Center survey said their budgets need to grow to meet governance and security needs.

Turnover is another concern for officers, as many struggle to find new hires amid high graduation rates due to retirements and safety concerns.

One in five are unlikely to continue serving in the 2026 midterm elections, and 27% know colleagues who quit because of security concerns.

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