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Third GOP lawmaker joins effort to oust Johnson as foreign aid bill clears procedural hurdle

By 37ci3 Apr20,2024

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  • GOP Rep. Lawler: Democrats must oppose Johnson impeachment to show they’re “serious” about democracy


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    Third GOP lawmaker joins effort to oust Johnson as foreign aid bill clears procedural hurdle


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    GOP Rep. Bacon says a “shameful” effort to oust Speaker Johnson will “weaken” the party.


  • President Biden is campaigning in North Philadelphia in an “effort to connect” with voters


  • Pennsylvania official gets creative to boost 2024 voter turnout amid voter neglect concerns


  • A retired US general analyzes Israel’s potential options in response to an Iranian drone attack


  • As Western nations prepare for a wider war, Israel plans to respond to Iranian strikes


  • Democratic congressman ‘confident’ more Ukraine aid will pass through House of Representatives


  • In November 1864, the Arizona Supreme Court ruled on “extra fees” to uphold abortion rights.


  • The safety of aid in Gaza is an “ongoing problem,” says a humanitarian executive


  • Fetterman says he disagrees with Biden on Israel but supports his 2024 campaign


  • Trump calls the hush money trials a “scam” at the end of the first day


  • House Speaker Mike Johnson is weighing options on the foreign aid bill


  • A Middle East expert says that Iran’s strikes were a “cease and desist” message to Israel


  • Biden officials worry that Israel’s response to Iran’s attack could lead to a wider war


  • The Biden campaign doesn’t plan to talk about Trump’s silent money trial


  • Whitmer says Biden will ‘do everything in his power’ to codify Roe despite Senate challenges


  • Is there a genocide in Gaza? Michigan Governor Whitmer Says: ‘I Won’t Take Weight’


  • Governor Whitmer says he supports ‘Roe standard’ for abortion law: Full interview

    12:34 p.m

  • GOP House Intel Chairman: ‘At this point,’ US ‘should not take military action against Iran’


NBC News Capitol Hill Correspondent Ryan Nobles joins NOW with the Press as the House clears another procedural hurdle to pass the foreign aid package. A third Republican is joining the effort to unseat Speaker Mike Johnson (R-La.).

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