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House to vote on critical aid for Ukraine and Israel and a potential TikTok ban

By 37ci3 Apr20,2024

WASHINGTON – The House of Representatives is set to vote Saturday on a quadruple bill authorizing new U.S. aid. Israel and UkraineAlong with security assistance for the Indo-Pacific and a bill that would oblige TikTok’s parent company will either sell it or be banned in the United States

The House is scheduled to vote on four consecutive bills in the afternoon, a day after a rare and extraordinary bipartisan coalition. remove the soundsMore Democrats (165) than Republicans (151) voted for a “rule” to continue the measures.

The bills are expected to pass and go to the Senate for confirmation in the next few days. Taken together, they include the $95 billion aid package championed by President Joe Biden, with some variations on the version. Passed by the Senate Two months ago.

Holding the vote, R-La., against an outspoken faction of conservative rebels who oppose funding Ukraine and pushed for it not to come to a vote. expresses the objection of the speaker Mike Johnson. Three of them — Reps. Marjorie Taylor Greene, R-Ga., Thomas Massie, R-Ky. and Paul Gosar, R-Ariz. – there is threatened keeping him away from oratory. Passage of the bill could move Green one step closer to forcing a vote to remove him from office.

After months of hesitation, Johnson sided with Biden, Democrats and Republicans, who believed that helping Ukraine fend off Russian aggression was essential to US national security interests and warned, citing briefings: “Vladimir Putin would continue his march in Europe. permission was granted.”

“I’d rather send bullets to Ukraine than American boys,” Johnson said, noting that his son will enter the Naval Academy this year. “It’s a live fire for me because there are so many American families. This is not a game, not a joke.”

Before the vote, former President Donald Trump issued a confusing statement that appeared to sympathize with both the pro-Ukraine and anti-Ukraine aid factions of the GOP without taking a clear position.

In addition to the three relief bills, the fourth measure includes a policy to force China-based ByteDance to sell TikTok within nine months — which the president could extend by a year — or face a nationwide ban. The policy, which extends the time frame for sales from an earlier House bill, has passed the Senate with Biden’s support, putting TikTok closer than ever to a ban in the US.

If they pass, the bills are expected to be packaged together and sent to the Senate, which would have to vote on the entire legislation to send it to Biden’s desk for signature. It’s unclear when that will happen, but Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer, D-N.Y. and Minority Leader Mitch McConnell, R-Ky., are outspoken supporters of the package’s foreign aid provisions.

“I hope President Biden will quickly put long-overdue funding on the table to support our friends in Ukraine, Israel and the Indo-Pacific, and to help innocent civilians in Gaza and around the world who need humanitarian assistance,” Schumer said. Ahead of the House vote, he warned that Ukraine’s hopes against Russia would be diminished without additional US weapons to defend itself.

Late Friday, Schumer said the Senate was trying to get unanimous consent to move quickly to vote on foreign aid legislation. “We are working on an agreement to review the supplement,” he said on the Senate floor.

McConnell said earlier this week: “Here’s the political reality: If you think the fall of Afghanistan is bad, it would be unimaginably bad for a European capital like Kiev to fall to Russian troops, and if stagnant American aid makes that outcome possible, nothing is. the question of when the guilt will fall upon us.”

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