Thu. May 23rd, 2024

President Biden urges restraint after Iran’s attack on Israel

By 37ci3 Apr15,2024

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  • Arrests have been made in connection with the disappearance of two Kansas mothers


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    President Biden called for restraint after Iran’s attack on Israel


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    Growing concerns about a wider war in the Middle East


  • The legacy of the beloved official dog of the Boston Marathon lives on


  • An American in Paris: New England carpenter helps rebuild Notre Dame Cathedral


  • According to law enforcement agencies, “tourist thieves” enter the United States legally and then break into homes.


  • Jury selection will begin Trump’s criminal trial in an alleged hush money scheme


  • Iran launches a retaliatory attack against Israel with more than 100 drones


  • Rescue video of nearly 200 people trapped in the air after a fatal cable car accident in Turkey


  • 100 students prepare an interesting surprise for a 99-year-old World War II veteran


  • Robots cook your burger and fries at this new California fast food restaurant


  • The search for a suspected carjacker in Florida was caught on camera


  • At least seven people, including the suspect, have died in a stabbing attack at a shopping mall in Australia


  • Vice President Harris condemns Arizona’s abortion ban


  • Texas police say a truck driver drove a stolen truck into a public safety building


  • The school develops literacy skills by having students read to lambs


  • Biden’s Message to Iran on Potential Strike on Israel: ‘Don’t’


  • Trump says he will testify in a silent money trial in New York


  • The CDC is investigating Botox-related botulism-like illnesses


  • Small business owners have been forced to pay back the IRS after being duped by tax credit promoters


President Joe Biden told Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu that US support for Israel is “ironclad”, but the US will not engage in any retaliatory strikes against Iran. NBC News’ Monica Alba reports on concerns among administration officials that the United States could be drawn into a wider conflict. Hallie Jackson talks to former Obama administration deputy national security adviser Ben Rhodes, who discusses how Israel might respond to an Iranian attack.

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