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Former president faces criminal charges over hush money case

By 37ci3 Apr15,2024

LAKE HAVASU CITY, Arizona. – NBC News spoke to four supporters of Trump and Arizona Republican Senate candidate Kari Lake about the hush money lawsuit, and all said they think the lawsuit is politically motivated.

Ryan Skinner, 52, blamed Trump’s political opponents for the trial when asked how he felt about the former president potentially being tied up in court for two months.

“Well, I think it’s disgusting that his political enemies are using the court system against him,” he said. “It’s talking about Soviet-territorial communism, you know, if you look at history, that’s what they did with their opponents. I think it’s wrong and disgusting.”

Dustin Heiser, 36, argued that the hush-hush lawsuit shows that it’s “kind of crazy” to see the former president face charges because Trump is “divisive.”

“I mean, it’s all public knowledge, the amount of money presidents, Senate representatives get after they leave office,” Heiser said. “I mean, as far as things go, insider information, stocks and things like that, it’s all public information. So it’s kind of crazy that Donald Trump is brought up with these kinds of accusations. I guess he can’t help but think because he’s alone, but he’s chosen.”

Heiser added that he believes Trump was elected because he “stands up for what’s wrong.”

Geenee Roe, 63, said she thinks the legal battle Trump is facing is an attempt to distance her from campaigning for re-election.

“I think it’s terrible,” Roe said. “I think it’s there. They’re just shutting it down. And it’s just trying to keep it out of the campaign, it’s not necessary anyway.

Cameron Link, 40, similarly claimed that the silence case was politically motivated, noting that Trump’s lawsuits were unprecedented.

“This is the first time in American history that we’re going through some serious political events,” he said. “And I think it’s more, more, more, politically motivated than actual criminal activity, if that makes sense.”

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