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Sen. Bob Menendez’s trial to proceed without his wife due to her health issues

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Senator Bob Menendez Criminal It will go on as scheduled on May 6 — but without the New Jersey Democrat’s wife and his accuser Nadine Menendez.

At a hearing in New York federal court on Thursday, US District Judge Sidney Stein ordered the termination of Nadine Menendez’s husband’s employment due to health issues.

“This trial continues without Ms. Menendez,” the judge said.

The illness, which was not disclosed in court, made it unclear when he would be well enough to stand trial, the judge said, as he adjourned the case until July 8. operation and “probably significant recovery” time.

Photo: New Jersey Sen. Menendez speaks at his first hearing on federal bribery charges
Sen. Bob Menendez, DN.J. and his wife, Nadine, appear in federal court in Manhattan on September 27.File Michael M. Santiago/Getty Images

Nadine Menendez had requested a postponement earlier this week, and prosecutors said it was fine to postpone the trial until the summer. They asked the judge not to dismiss the case, noting that many of the charges against her and her husband overlapped, which would result in them arguing the same case twice.

Although the senator had previously asked for the trial to be postponed, his lawyer said in court on Thursday that he wanted to proceed with the trial as soon as possible and asked the judge to set the trial for May. “We don’t need it and we don’t want it,” attorney Adam Fee said of the possibility of a trial delay.

Both Menendez have previously questioned their allegations cut off From each other.

The senator’s lawyers said move to cut he “intends to plead (in part) that his wife Nadine lacked requisite knowledge of many of his conduct and statements.”

“With this defense, Sen. Menendez’s legal team may actually have to argue that any wrongdoing was caused by the actions of others (including Nadine) and not by the Senator — and unbeknownst to either of us,” his attorneys said.

Attorneys for Nadine Menendez argued in a separate motion a joint trial would “undoubtedly impair Ms. Menendez’s right to self-defense.” “It is unfair to require either spouse to sacrifice their right to full testimony or their ability to protect the privacy of privileged marital communications in their own defense,” they said.

Stein said that in addition to health concerns, Nadine Menendez needs new attorneys because her current attorneys may eventually be called as witnesses. is considered an obstacle his. Prosecutors said his lawyers misrepresented the money he received from another defendant for a Mercedes.

He has 30 days to find new lawyers.

The accusations The charges Menendez and his wife face include conspiracy to commit bribery, honest services fraud and conspiracy to commit extortion.

Prosecutors said the couple received “cash, gold bars, home mortgage payments, compensation for low or no work, a luxury car and other valuables.” Two New Jersey businessmen were also charged as part of the alleged scheme. All four pleaded not guilty.

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