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Trump says Jews who vote for Biden do ‘not love Israel’ and ‘should be spoken to’

By 37ci3 Apr9,2024

Former President Donald Trump said Monday that every Jew who voted for President Joe Biden “doesn’t like Israel” and “needs to be talked to.”

during interview Appearing on “The Voice of America” ​​Monday night, Trump claimed that Democrats did not want to talk about Hamas’s deadly October 7 attack on Israel because Biden was “not a fan of Israel.”

“Any Jew who voted for Biden doesn’t like Israel and, frankly, needs to be talked to,” Trump said.

Trump repeatedly said that Israel has the right to defend itself in the Israel-Hamas war criticizes Israel’s handling of the war is “totally on the side of the Palestinians.”

The former president then suggested that Jews and blacks “habitually” vote for Democrats.

“Jewish people tend to vote Democrat, black people tend to vote Democrat,” he said.

In response to Trump’s comment, the Biden campaign on Monday night He said in a letter to X: “Trump threatens Jewish Americans who voted against him: Frankly, we need to talk to them.” The campaign did not immediately respond to NBC News’ request for comment on Trump’s announcement.

In the interview, Trump also outlined his record on Israel during his tenure, citing his controversial decision to move the US embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem and the US withdrawal from the Iran nuclear deal. Obama administration.

Trump’s remarks echo his earlier anti-Semitism, suggesting that American Jews have dual loyalties to the United States and Israel.

Last month, the Republican presidential nominee He claimed that Jews who vote for Democrats “hate” Israel and their “religion.”

“Every Jew who votes for Democrats hates their religion,” former Trump administration official Sebastian Gorka said in an interview aired on his web show last month.

“They hate everything about Israel and they should be ashamed of themselves because Israel will be destroyed,” the former president added.

Trump in September He accused “liberal Jews” of voting to “destroy” the United States and Israel in a post on the social platform Truth on the weekend of Rosh Hashanah, the Jewish New Year.

“A quick reminder to liberal Jews who voted to destroy America and Israel because you believe in false narratives! Let’s hope you learn from your mistake and make better choices going forward!” he said. “Happy New Year!”

Trump also resorted to the trope of dual loyalty during his presidency. In 2019, Trump came under fire for saying this “Any Jewish people who voted for the Democrats” showed “gross disloyalty.” or naive.

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By 37ci3

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