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Ex-military member charged with crashing into FBI office had online links to QAnon, report says

By 37ci3 Apr4,2024

WASHINGTON — Federal authorities say a former military man drove his SUV into a barricade at the FBI’s Atlanta office on Monday had online links to QAnon-related content and appeared to be a supporter of the former President Donald TrumpAccording to an open-source study by the group Advance Democracy.

Erwin Lee Bolling is currently facing destruction of public property. He has not filed a motion yet. FBI statement states that after hitting his car, Bolling got out and tried to pass by the gate where he was stopped by three special forces. As agents tried to take him into custody, Bolling refused orders to sit on the curb and resisted arrest, according to charging documents.

Advance Democracy, in a report seen by NBC News, found social media accounts that appeared to be linked to Bolling promoting conspiracy theories about the 2020 presidential election. QAnon.

According to Advance Democracy, “I love you @realDonaldTrump” was posted in December 2020 by an account suspected of being linked to Bolling. “You have more support than you know.”

The man who allegedly crashed a car into the Atlanta Federal Bureau of Investigation building has been arrested.
The man who allegedly crashed a car into the Atlanta Federal Bureau of Investigation building has been arrested.MSNBC

According to Advance Democracy, a separate Telegram account using the name “Lee Bolling” and a branch used by Bolling on other platforms was a member of nine public Telegram groups, several of which were linked to QAnon.

A court filing for Bolling’s case does not indicate he has an attorney. When reached by NBC News and asked about Bolling’s beliefs in QAnon, his wife declined to comment.

The details of the Advanced Democracy report were the first first published By Wired.

Daniel J. Jones, president of the nonprofit group Advance Democracy, told NBC News that “it’s important to take the increasingly violent rhetoric and the actions we’re taking seriously, and that our elected officials, especially Republican elected officials, stand up against acts of violence.”

“We don’t yet know why this man used his car to crash into the door of the FBI’s Atlanta Field Office,” Jones said. He repeats Trump’s own statements – he decides to take violent measures against state officials.”

On January 6, more than 1,265 defendants were indicted. according to Ministry of Justice. Trump himself is charged with conspiracy to defraud the United States, conspiracy to obstruct an official process, obstruction, and conspiracy to interfere with the right to vote and vote counting in connection with his actions regarding the results of the 2020 election. He pleaded not guilty. His trial postponed indefinitely.

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