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Trump vows he’ll have a ‘statement’ on abortion ‘next week’

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GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. – Former President Donald Trump announced Tuesday that his campaign will address the abortion issue next week, immediately after a Florida court ruled on the abortion issue. six week ban about the procedure.

At a campaign rally here, Trump asked NBC News: “Do you support the six-week abortion ban that the Florida Supreme Court just upheld?”

Amid cheers from the crowd, Trump, a Florida native, responded as he shook hands with others on stage: “We’re going to make a statement on abortion next week.

President Joe Biden and his campaign quickly discovered Trump.

Photo: F-former President Donald Trump
Former President Donald Trump spoke on the campaign trail in Grand Rapids, Mich., on Tuesday.Spencer Platt/Getty Images

“You’ve already made your statement, Donald.” Biden tweetedAdding to Trump’s past post with certain words circled in red: “Could kill Roe v. Wade.”

Biden campaign spokeswoman Sarafina Chitika said in a statement: “Donald Trump has said women should be punished for having abortions, is running with a national ban and supports draconian state bans like Florida’s. Trump v. Roe “He’s proud” of overturning Wade, and he’s responsible for every abortion ban, every attack on contraception, and every cruel, dangerous restriction placed on women because of it.”

Supreme Court of Florida is allowed for a six-week ban, making it one of the most restrictive laws in the country.

Abortion is one of the most difficult issues for Trump’s candidacy. While he was quick to remind conservatives that he has appointed three Supreme Court justices to help form the majority that would overturn abortion protections in 2022, he has so far refrained from saying what will happen next.

Some in his party are pushing for a national ban on abortion, and Trump himself has said he considered a national ban when he was 15 or 15 years old. 16 weeks. In an interview with Sid Rosenberg last month WABC radio New York, Trump sailed for 15 weeks.

“The number of weeks now, people agree on 15, and I think from that point of view, and it will come out to something very reasonable,” he said. “But people really — even the hardliners agree — 15 weeks seems to be a number that people agree on.”

The Trump campaign did not elaborate on what would come “next week.” “During his presidency, Trump often promised that he would make big announcements.”two weeks” — although they often took longer.

Trump appears to support the standard for abortion restrictions — contradicting a statement Tuesday by Trump’s campaign, in which senior adviser Brian Hughes “has made it clear that he supports pro-life, but also supports the states.” ‘ rights because it supports the right of voters to decide for themselves.”

When asked by NBC News in March if they had plans to release a specific proposal in support of the federal abortion ban, the Trump campaign spokeswoman Caroline Leavitt was uncertain.

“As President Trump has repeatedly stated, he will sit down with both sides and negotiate a deal that everyone is happy with,” he said. v. It sent the decision back to the states that Wade and others had been trying to do for more than 50 years.

Trump has been outspoken about how politically difficult the abortion issue is for his party. urges other Republicans “learning how to talk” about abortion.

“This issue has cost us an unnecessary but average exam,” he told Truth Social in September.

one NBC News survey In January, 44% of registered voters said they thought Biden would handle abortion better than Trump, while 32% said the opposite.

Trump’s support for a federal abortion ban could worry Republicans who are down the ballot. they tried to be gentle their positions on an issue that is popular with voters.

This is a strong issue that Democrats have seized on in the battleground states and nationally. Biden’s campaign on Tuesday called Trump’s Roe v. He ran an ad bragging about having a hand in bringing down Wade.

“Donald Trump does not trust women” Biden says in the ad. “I do.”

Natasha Korecki reported from Chicago and Gabe Gutierrez reported from Grand Rapids.

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