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Hunter Biden to seek dismissal of tax charges he argues are politically motivated

By 37ci3 Mar27,2024

Hunter Biden At a hearing on Wednesday, he is expected to ask a judge to dismiss the tax charges brought against him last year, citing the case as politically motivated.

Biden claims prosecutors are under pressure from Republican lawmakers impeachment inquiry His father, President Joe Biden, failed after an earlier plea deal.

Hunter Biden’s legal team will challenge the charges in federal court in Los Angeles before U.S. District Judge Mark Scarcy. The judge will hear arguments in recent weeks on several motions filed by both Biden’s legal team and the office of special counsel David Weiss, led by attorney Abbe Lowell and represented by lead prosecutor Leo Wise.

Scarsi is not expected to rule immediately from the bench on the motions, but he said he wants the case to move through the pretrial process as quickly as possible.

Weiss brought nine tax-related payments, including three felonies and six misdemeanors, v. Hunter Biden in California federal court last year. Weiss alleged that the president’s son failed to pay at least $1.4 million in taxes as part of a multiyear scheme to evade federal taxes, instead using “drugs, escorts and girlfriends, luxury hotels and rental properties, exotic cars, clothing, and more,” according to the indictment. and other items of a personal nature.

The president’s son he pleaded not guilty to the charges in January. His lawyers filed several petitionss asked a judge last month to dismiss the charges, claiming, among other things, that prosecutors “bowed to political pressure.”

“The special counsel has gone to great lengths to bring charges against Mr. Biden that would not be brought against anyone else,” Lowell said when the motions were filed last month. “Prosecutors refused to plea bargains, bowed to political pressure to file unprecedented charges, overreached themselves, ignored rules and allowed their agents to run amok, and repeatedly misrepresented evidence in court to defend their conduct.”

Federal prosecutors dismissed Hunter Biden’s claims, citing allegations he made. “A conspiracy theory” avoiding tax payments after previous ones the plea agreement was violated.

“The defendant concocts a conspiracy theory that the prosecution is ‘upping the ante’ to appease politicians who have nothing to do with the charges and are not even members of the current Executive Branch,” prosecutors wrote in a filing this month.

In addition to the tax payments, Hunter was Biden He is charged with federal weapons charges in Delaware last year for allegedly possessing a gun while using drugs. He is being tried on a weapons charge scheduled for June.

Hunter Biden has become a key figure in the House Republican impeachment inquiry against the president. The president’s son gave closed sediment Last month, he met with the GOP-led House Oversight and Judiciary committees and in prepared remarks called the investigation a “betrayal.”

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