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It’s OK to use donations to pay Trump legal bills if ‘donors know,’ says fmr. RNC Chair McDaniel

By 37ci3 Mar24,2024

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  • Stephen Breyer says ‘I’d be surprised’ if Supreme Court justice behind Dobbs leak


  • McDaniel defends silence on Jan. 6: RNC chair ‘should get one for the whole team’


  • Fmr. Justice Breyer reflects on Bush v. Protection: Supreme Court ‘shouldn’t have taken it’


  • It’s ‘possible’ Dobbs could be overturned: Justice Breyer’s interview Part 1

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    Fmr says it’s OK to use donations to pay off Trump’s legal debts “as long as the donors know.” RNC Chairman McDaniel


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  • Supreme Court ruling on Texas immigration law ‘could create chaos and confusion’


  • RFK. Jr. despite past ties to the movement, has been relatively quiet on anti-vaccination advocacy


  • Experts warn that deep-seated fraud and artificial intelligence could threaten the integrity of elections


Former Republican National Committee Chairwoman Ronna McDaniel’s RNC surrogates have vowed to use the donations to pay former President Trump’s legal debts. In an exclusive interview with Meet the Press, McDaniel says, “If they feel strong [about paying] his legal documents, they have every right to do so.”

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