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New $5 million ad campaign boosts House Democrats on health care

By 37ci3 Mar11,2024

Fresh off last week’s State of the Union address, a liberal group is launching a $5 million ad campaign aimed at galvanizing nine Democratic congressional candidates by rallying them behind legislation aimed at lowering drug prices.

The group Protecting Our Care will air television, streaming and digital ads applauding lawmakers for the measures. It was passed by the Democratic-dominated Congress in 2021 Limit insulin costs for Medicare recipients and allow Medicare to negotiate the prices of some prescription drugs.

The campaign starts on Monday and will run for several months.

“The best way for Americans to see how members of Congress can reduce health care and prescription drug costs is to reach out to people where they are,” he said.

“We’re telling the American people how the Inflation Relief Act lowered costs for working families and gave people economic comfort and a little more breathing space. We call on these members of Congress to lead the fight for reforms like the Drug Cost Reduction for American Families Act so that more families can afford their medicines.”

The ads come as Democrats mobilize for another election cycle, where they believe they can rely on health care to convince voters to support them. The Protect Our Care campaign comes amid a new wave of Democratic spending: President Joe Biden’s campaign A $30 million ad campaign To raise the state of the Union at the beginning of the re-election of the President, and then on his own plans to travel to the country this month.

Biden takes action to lower prescription drug and insulin prices its opening ad. The new Protect Our Care spots point to parts of the same topic Democrats’ Inflation Relief Act of 2021 It caps the cost of insulin for Medicare recipients and allows the federal government to negotiate some drug prices.

They have a nurse who notes drug pricing measures, complaining about how her patients are resorting to skipping medicine to cut costs.

“This will help many of my patients get the medication they need,” the nurse said on the spot. The ad continues to urge Congress to pass new legislation aims to provide additional health savings for patients.

New ads begin airing Monday in local Democratic House districts Yadira Caraveo of Colorado, Hillary Scholten of Michigan, Susan Wild of Pennsylvania, Matt Cartwright of Pennsylvania, Susie Lee of Nevada, Stephen Horford of Nevada, Pat Ryan of New York and Gabe Vasquez of New Mexico.

Almost all of the ad-supported members face potentially competitive general election battles this fall, especially given that Republicans hold a narrow majority in the body, when partisan control of the House is up for grabs. Democrats could flip the House with a net gain of four seats in the fall, but Republicans are also looking to make gains to secure their majority.

Protect Our Care was launched during the Trump administration, before the 2018 midterm elections, when it performed well amid deep Democratic focus on health care. It’s a non-profit organization, so the ad promotes legislation instead of an overtly political message.

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