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Biden has ‘screwed the world up every way you can’

By 37ci3 Mar10,2024

On Sunday, GOP Sen. Lindsey Graham of South Carolina said he was President Joe Biden “Suck the world in every way you can.”

Graham argued on NBC News’ “Meet the Press” that Biden is perpetuating “broken borders” and that “the world is on fire.” When moderator Kristen Welker mentioned Biden statement on Friday Graham, who said he regretted using the term “illegal” to describe Jose Antonio Ibarra, a Venezuelan who crossed the border into the United States and is charged with Laken Riley’s murder, interjected that the withdrawal “really upsets me. “

The South Carolina Republican has crossed party lines in the past to praise Biden on foreign policy. applauds Biden’s efforts to normalize Israel-Saudi Arabia relations in December.

Graham is a supporter of former President Donald Trump’s campaign, but has split with him on several issues, including aid to Ukraine.

Printed by Welker quote From a fellow GOP senator. Lisa Murkowski “Let’s not even exist as a Senate if we have to ask Donald Trump for permission for everything we do,” Graham disputed the idea that Trump was “calling the shots” in the Senate, saying in Alaska.

“I’ve voted against things that she doesn’t like,” Graham said, adding: “The point is to ask Lisa, ‘Are you going to support the idea that our allies are going to pay us?’ 34 trillion dollars in debt?”

He cited support for Ukraine to provide more aid in the war with Russia, but that’s it credit form Ukraine will be returned after the war.

“This is ‘America First’ in action. It’s not isolationist, it’s taking into account the needs of the American people,” Graham added, referring to a term often used by Trump to describe his approach to foreign policy.

Speaking about his support for Ukraine, he said, “I hope to go to Ukraine soon and tell them, ‘Help is coming’.”

He also answered questions about Graham War between Israel and Hamas “I literally fell off my feet” in Gaza during the president’s address to Congress on Thursday, saying Biden could end the conflict by releasing all hostages taken by Hamas on October 7.

“The president says that if the hostages are released by Hamas, they can stay in power? Graham asked on Sunday.

“President Trump believes that it is not negotiable about Hamas. They must be destroyed by military means. They cannot be held responsible. That’s why I’m calling on the Biden administration today to clarify this. You cannot allow Hamas to remain in power,” Graham added.

The White House did not immediately respond to NBC News’ request for comment.

Graham also questioned Biden’s mental preparation and urged him to “get in a room.” [former President] Donald Trump and the Debate.”

“If there’s an election in American history that deserves a debate between two candidates, it’s this election,” Graham told Meet the Press.

He said he spoke with Trump’s campaign, and Graham told him Trump was open to a debate “anytime, anywhere,” a phrase the former president’s campaign used when calling for a debate with Biden.

The Biden campaign hasn’t ruled out a general election debate, but it also isn’t committed to a debate between Biden and Trump.

“It’s up to him,” the president told reporters as he left Washington for Philadelphia on Friday. [Trump’s] behavior” answered questions about whether he would argue with the former president.

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