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Jan. 6 defendant dubbed ‘Conan O’Riot’ by online sleuths pleads guilty

By 37ci3 Mar5,2024

WASHINGTON – A Capitol rioter in colonial garb – Named “Conan O’Riot”. — who pleaded guilty Tuesday, Jan. 6 — to the charge of looking like former late-night talk show host Conan O’Brien.

Derek NelsonThe 30-year-old former Marine was arrested in Illinois in October 2023, more than two years after he was identified by online “doomsday hunters” helped FBI in cases against hundreds of defendants.

Nelson pleaded guilty to one count of entering and remaining in a confined building, which carries a maximum sentence of one year in prison. US District Judge Carl J. Nichols found Nelson guilty and scheduled his sentencing for June 13.

Kızılbaşa was arrested by the FBI on January 6
Derek Nelson on January 6, 2021 at the Capitol.US Attorney’s Office for the District of Columbia

On Jan. 6, Nelson said he was wearing “a colonial blue peacoat with gold buttons, a tricornered hat, a red shirt, a white neckerchief, black and red gloves and khaki pants,” as part of the plea agreement. he brought with him a pink respirator and glasses, which he later put on.” Nelson also admitted that he “came to D.C. prepared for the possibility of violence.”

He added that he told someone he was “there to start a revolution” before attacking the Capitol.

Nelson later admitted in his lawsuit that the officer “attempted to body check” an officer’s shield as he advanced toward the building while retreating from the rioters. “The officer dropped the shield, Nelson helped another rioter pick it up; the other rioter now went forward holding the shield,” he said. accepted in the criminal statement.

Kızılbaşa was arrested by the FBI on January 6
Derek Nelson, second from right, wears a gas mask in this Jan. 6, 2021, photo taken from inside the Capitol building. US Attorney’s Office for the District of Columbia

The case against Nelson’s co-defendant, Derek Dodder, is still ongoing. As part of his plea deal, Nelson said Dodder tapped him on the shoulder “in a congratulatory fashion” while he was at the Capitol and filmed officers below.

“We hurt them. We hurt the boys,” Nelson said at one point, caught on video by a documentary videographer.

Nelson eventually led him to the main entrance to the House chamber, where rioters had broken a window. As the officers in the chamber draw their weapons, Rap Troy NehlsThrough the broken window, R-Texas told Donald Trump supporters they should be “ashamed” and that he has “been in law enforcement in Texas for 30 years” but “people have never acted like this.”

More than 1,300 defendants have been charged in connection with the attack on the Capitol, and prosecutors have received more than 900 convictions and sentences ranging from short probation to 22 years in federal prison. New arrests keep going to rolland cases continue to move through the court system.

The jury was convicted on Friday Michael SparksA Trump supporter spewed lies about the former president’s 2020 campaign, he was the first rioter to storm the Capitol building on January 6.

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