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Haley vies for Michigan Republican caucus win after Tuesday loss to Trump

By 37ci3 Mar2,2024

GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. – Chaos and confusion will overtake Michigan Republicans on Saturday as they decide how to award delegates to former President Donald Trump and former United Nations Ambassador Nikki Haley.

Moment ugly leadership controversy adds to the confusion.

by Pete Hoekstra Blessing of the Republican National Committee Christina Karamo, who will chair the Michigan GOP, will chair a convention that begins at 10 a.m. overthrown and opposed The former state party chairman had planned to meet in Detroit at the same time. Meanwhile, GOP groups representing two of Michigan’s 13 congressional districts announced plans to hold their conventions elsewhere this weekend.

Two party operatives with ties to Karamo, Jim Copas and Ann Clark, told NBC News on Friday that they understand Karamo’s convention has been canceled. Karamo, In an article on X, encouraged his supporters to “continue the struggle” and go “to the place recommended by the district chairman”. In the hours before delegates decided which convention to attend Saturday morning, talk of rogue and rival mini-conventions swirled in local GOP circles.

“Representatives have been getting conflicting and confusing emails for weeks — promoting different agendas, different staff, different conventions,” said Jason Cabel Roe, a veteran Republican strategist in Michigan. “You even have to be very careful to know who’s sending what and what the legitimate destinations and events are.”

Idaho and Missouri also hold GOP presidential primaries on Saturday.

The turmoil in Michigan is unlikely to affect the outcome of the state’s complicated two-stage nomination process.

Trump He easily won the GOP primary on Tuesday and must accept a majority of the 16 delegates to be awarded based on those results. An additional 39 delegates are up for grabs through the convention’s congressional district caucuses on Saturday.

Each of the 13 congressional districts will award three delegates proportionally based on the vote of their caucus, with the candidate who wins 50% of the vote entitled to all three. It is expected that Trump will prevail in these polls as well – regardless of where they are held.

Hoekstra noted that his convention is one to be reckoned with given the support of the RNC. the judge’s decision this week Karamoya is prohibited from calling party meetings or conducting party business. An appeals court on Thursday rejected Caramo’s effort to block the order, raising the risk of legal jeopardy if he or his leadership team tries to hold the Detroit convention.

But the court rulings came too late for some GOP groups to decide which convention to attend.

Republicans from northern Michigan’s 1st Congressional District said in a statement Friday that most of them were not accredited to the Grand Rapids convention because they missed a registration deadline while waiting for the courts to resolve a leadership dispute. The group plans to hold its convention in Houghton Lake. The 4th Congressional District GOP chairman said, citing similar credentials issues Detroit news and Detroit Free Press He said he would call a Saturday meeting in Battle Creek.

1st District GOP Chairman Daire Rendon said, “The newly announced administration … invites dissent and ignores the rules with the consent of its allies at the Republican National Committee.” “We’re not going to play this game by falling for their confused messaging and backtracking. It is unacceptable to deny the right of the majority of delegates elected to the District Conventions in the 1st Congressional District to be heard at the State District Convention.”

A spokesman for Hoekstra did not respond to requests for comment.

“We continue to explore ways to allow delegates to attend on Saturday despite the credentialing violations,” Hoekstra wrote Friday afternoon. Type in X. “I want a strong and united party going forward.”

Hoekstra, who served as Trump’s ambassador to the Netherlands, has endorsed the former president’s 2024 campaign and labeled him a “probable” candidate. Haley remains in the GOP presidential race, but fell far behind Trump in Tuesday’s primary.

Karamo, who was denied a 2020 runoff in Michigan after losing the 2022 race for secretary of state, was tapped to lead the state party last year. But activists quickly became disillusioned with his financial decisions and fundraising practices. In January, a group within the party voted to remove him from office — a vote that the RNC and a Kent County circuit court judge said were correct.

he asked on Friday conservative talk radio host Justin Barclay Asked on West Michigan Live what his plans were for Saturday, Karamo replied, “I’m not going to be sitting at home, that’s for sure.”

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