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Trump attends Fla. hearing over trial date. Willis misconduct allegations weighed in Ga.

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DOJ suggests Trump’s criminal trials could be held closer to election

Cannon questioned whether the delay in starting the trial violated the “60-day rule,” which prevents the DOJ from engaging in actions that could affect the election.

The government argued that they were “in full compliance with judicial guidance” and that the rule did not apply to cases already filed.

Trump’s attorney argued that the key question for trial planning now is whether the fall trial will be “full-blown election interference.”

The court adjourned for lunch

The court announced an hour break for lunch.

Trump’s lawyers cite campaign commitments and the New York court as reasons for the delay

The defense argued that the trial would be “unfair to Trump as a presidential candidate” due to his campaign schedule, which will begin this year. They also cited the hush money trial in New York as a reason for the delay, and said Trump plans to be there almost every day (criminal defendants are usually required to attend all court hearings).

What is evidentiary hearing?

Trump’s lawyers want the trial postponed until after an evidentiary hearing in August.

An evidentiary hearing is when the court hears what evidence prosecutors have on a particular subject and determines what evidence will be allowed to be presented at the hearing.

It is not yet clear what evidence Trump’s team will seek to review at Friday’s hearing, but they filed a filing Thursday saying they want multiple evidentiary hearings on their motion to suppress information about the FBI’s search of Trump at the Mar-a-Lago resort. and compel the government to turn over any evidence of allegations of selective and retaliatory harassment and prosecutorial misconduct. They also asked for something else, arguing that Trump’s actions are protected by the Presidential Records Act.

Trump’s lawyers told the judge they expected the hearing to take more than a day. Smith’s team told the judge it didn’t think an evidentiary hearing was necessary.

Trump’s lawyers say the summer court date is “unfair” and “impossible.”

In response to the prosecution’s proposed July 8 start date, defense attorneys argued that it was “unfair” to hold the trial before the election and that a July date was “impossible for the defendant” in the New York case, which began on March 25. They proposed evidentiary hearings beginning in August.

Federal prosecutors and Trump’s lawyers are proposing new trial dates in the classified documents case

Special counsel Jack Smith and Trump’s lawyers proposed a new trial date for Thursday for the former president’s criminal trial. mishandled confidential documents and national security secrets.

Federal prosecutors he suggested July 8 is the starting date, and Trump’s lawyers suggested that he should be tried on August 12. Trump’s proposed date came as a surprise because he and his lawyers had argued that the trial should be held after the November presidential election.

Cannon had asked both sides to offer a timetable ahead of a hearing on the matter in Fort Pierce, Fla., on Friday. The case was originally scheduled to go to trial in May, but the original start date is expected to be pushed back due to a number of crucial legal issues that have yet to be resolved by the court.

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Trump arrived at the courthouse

Trump arrived at the courthouse in Fort Pierce, Florida.

Nikki Haley calls for all Trump legal cases to be “shut down” by November

Republican presidential candidate Nikki Haley The old president said it was all Donald Trump‘s legal cases should be “considered” until the presidential elections.

“I think all cases should be heard before November,” Haley told NBC News yesterday.Meet the pressmoderator Kristen Welker in Falls Church, Virginia, where voters will be they participate in the primary voting Tuesday.

“We need to know what’s going to happen before that, before the presidency happens, because after that, if he becomes president, I don’t think any of this will be heard,” he said.

Haley spoke a day later Supreme Court In response to Trump’s criminal charges, the president has decided whether to request immunity. It can take months for the high court to make a decision, and it is being pushed back potential timeline according to the election interference court.

“I just think that the president should live according to the law. You don’t get total immunity,” he said, commenting on the Supreme Court’s ruling on the case. He added that presidents “shouldn’t be free to do what they want.”

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A judge will hold a critical hearing that could delay the trial over classified Trump documents

A federal judge oversees The classified documents case against Trump He will hold a preliminary hearing in Florida today as he considers delaying his May 20 court date.

The hearing will begin at 10 a.m. in Fort Pierce and should last most of the day. Judge Aileen Cannon left several questions unresolved about how to proceed with the documents. Trump is expected to attend the hearing.

In filings requested by Cannon last night, special counsel Jack Smith’s office suggested pushes the court back July 8, while Trump’s lawyers suggested August 12. Trump’s lawyers also said they believe the trial should be delayed until after the November election.

“As the leading candidate in the 2024 election, President Trump is categorically stating that a fair trial cannot be afforded this year in accordance with the Constitution, which gives President Trump his Sixth Amendment right to attend and participate in these proceedings,” and “the First Amendment a right he shares with the American people to participate in a campaign speech,” they wrote.

Both sides have submitted a lengthy joint proposal for a survey of potential jurors, but there are some areas where they disagree among the 99 questions, including how long the trial will last. Smith’s office estimated four to six weeks, while Trump’s team estimated eight to 10 weeks. Smith’s team also wants to ask potential jurors whether they believe the 2020 election was rigged; The Trump side wants to know if they voted that year.

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