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Read the Hunter Biden deposition transcript from the Republican impeachment inquiry

By 37ci3 Mar1,2024

WASHINGTON — The Republican-led House Oversight Committee released Hunter Biden’s full transcript Thursday. closed testimony from the previous day.

The 229-page document, with some redactions, highlights the disconnect between the crimes that House Republicans have repeatedly claimed. Hunter Biden and his father, the documents and testimony they made public as part of their impeachment inquiry.

A representative for Hunter Biden’s legal team told NBC News on Thursday that we “asked for the transcript to be released quickly and in full.” “This transcript shows why [investigation] need to finish. They have nothing.”

The Depository Oversight Committee and the House Judiciary Committee are the two panels that led the impeachment inquiry that began last year. During this time, Republicans have not presented any evidence of illegal actions by the president.

Oversight Committee Chairman James Comer, R-Ky., said in a statement Thursday night that Hunter Biden’s testimony “corroborates much of the evidence we have uncovered to date in the impeachment inquiry into President Biden. However, some parts of Hunter Biden’s testimony are inconsistent with the testimony of other witnesses. Obviously, we need public hearings to find out the truth for the American people.”

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