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Gaza aid convoy deaths spark global outrage

By 37ci3 Mar1,2024

‘It’s for Gaza’: George Galloway wins seat in UK parliament

Veteran left-wing provocateur George Galloway has been elected to parliament in Britain after winning a special election dominated by the Israel-Hamas war.

After campaigning pro-Palestinian, Galloway won almost 40% of the vote in Rochdale, England, which has a large Muslim minority.

His victory underscores the divisions in the UK over the Israel-Hamas war, with protests supporting both sides taking to Britain’s streets. But it also reflected specific factors in yesterday’s vote, which was overshadowed by controversy.

On October 7, the opposition Labor Party refused to support the candidate Azhar Ali after comments claiming that Israel was complicit in the attack by Hamas.

In his victory speech, Galloway publicly lambasted the Labor leader, expected to become the next UK prime minister, for supporting Israel in the war against Hamas. “Keir Starmer, this is for Gaza,” he said. “You will be paying a high price to enable, encourage and cover up the ongoing disaster in occupied Palestine in the Gaza Strip.”

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