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Alleged Pentagon leaker Jack Teixeira appears ready to plead guilty

By 37ci3 Mar1,2024

The Air National Guard, accused of leaking classified documents, appears set to plead guilty to unspecified charges next week, according to a court filing. giving from prosecutors published Thursday.

Jack Teixeira, 22, pleaded not guilty in June to six federal charges related to the willful retention and transmission of national defense information.

Jack Teixeira.
Jack Teixeira.via Facebook

Now, the Justice Department has requested a change-of-plea hearing on Monday, when a pretrial conference was scheduled, indicating that Teixeira will plead guilty in the case, according to a court filing. The judge later approved a hearing on Monday.

The document did not specify what charge or charges Teixeira pleaded guilty to.

Teixeira was arrested in April and accused of leaking classified Defense Department documents on Discord, a chat app used mostly by gamers. He served in the Massachusetts Air National Guard. Air Force found he acted alone in leaking the documents, but the military disciplined 15 others in connection with the case.

According to the government, some of the documents it allegedly posted online contained “top secret,” “confidential” or “classified sensitive information.” They included information on Ukraine and Russia, as well as intelligence on South Korea and Israel. informed.

He was ordered a preliminary trial was held in May after prosecutors claimed he posed a “serious” flight risk and could flee the country with the help of a “foreign enemy.”

The Justice Department and the U.S. attorney’s office in Boston, where Teixeira is charged, declined to comment Thursday.

Federal public defenders representing Teixeira did not return requests for comment Thursday.

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