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‘Of course there are concerns’ about Russian election interference in 2024

By 37ci3 Feb25,2024

White House national security adviser Jake Sullivan acknowledged Sunday that “certainly there are concerns” about possible Russian interference in the 2024 presidential election.

“It’s not about politics,” Sullivan told NBC News’ “Meet the Press.” “This is about national security. It’s about a foreign country, a foreign enemy, trying to manipulate the politics and democracy of the United States of America.”

He also said that the Biden administration is preparing to be “vigilant” to prevent interference in the elections. Sullivan said the Biden administration will “engage Congress on a bipartisan basis because it should be above and beyond politics.”

His comments came as senior US national security and intelligence officials warned that despite Russia’s war with Ukraine, the country would still seek to interfere in US elections.

In October, the US released an intelligence analysis for countries around the world, alleging that Russia used spies, state media and social media to influence elections not only in the US but around the world.

Russia isn’t the only country trying to wreak havoc, according to an analysis by Microsoft last year. Threat actors in Iran and China are also using artificial intelligence to coordinate cyberattacks. according to company.

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By 37ci3

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