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RNC recognizes Pete Hoekstra as the new Michigan Republican Party chair

By 37ci3 Feb15,2024

The Republican National Committee has recognized former Rep. Pete Hoekstra as chairman of the Michigan GOP. bad argument on party leadership in the war zone.

An RNC official confirmed the decision on Tuesday.

Hoekstra was chosen by a faction of state party activists to replace Christina Caramo, whose financial decisions and fundraising ability have drawn widespread criticism. However, Karamo refused to leave the post, arguing that he was not removed from office in accordance with the party’s constitution. The result was a bewildering stagnation that both Hoekstra and Karamo claim to be a chair.

Former President Donald Trump entered the fray last month by endorsing Hoekstra, who served as ambassador to the Netherlands.

An RNC panel “decided that they believe Karamo has been removed from the chair and recommended that the RNC Executive Committee confirm Hoekstra as chair,” an RNC official told NBC News. “The Executive Committee today acted unanimously to ratify Hoekstra as a member of the RNC.”

Hoekstra welcomed the decision in a statement From a Gmail account, his Michigan GOP team was set up to communicate with the media, while Karamo’s rival team maintained control of the state party’s assets.

“Both the RNC and our party’s presumptive nominee, Donald Trump, have now come forward and recognized me as the duly elected chair of the Michigan Republican Party,” Hoekstra said. “It is time for the ex-chairman, who was duly removed from office in accordance with MIGOP’s bylaws, to put an end to his disinformation campaign.”

Karamo did not immediately respond to a request for comment. He questioned the RNC’s ability to remove him.

“Chairman [Ronna] McDaniel and the RNC General Counsel have ignored all evidence that they are biased against me and in favor of their desire to install Pete Hoekstra,” he wrote in a letter to RNC members last month.

Republicans in Michigan and across the country have been watching the leadership battle with anxiety, worried it will hurt the party’s chances in a state expected to be a top battleground for control of the White House and Senate in 2024. The RNC’s decision is also weeks away. ahead of the GOP presidential caucus, which will be controlled by the state party.

Karamo, Hoekstra said Wednesday, “Rather than dividing this party, he should join the fight to re-elect Donald Trump. … We are ready to execute. We need to hold our noses for the next few months and focus on party unity to ensure a red-wave victory in November.”

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