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Super Bowl Sunday (Taylor’s Version): How Swifties are celebrating

By 37ci3 Feb9,2024

The soccer balls sparkled. Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce name friendship bracelets. Drinks and snacks inspired by popular Swift songs.

Super Bowl Sunday (Taylor Version) – Welcome to a crossover celebration that brings together people with a love for the NFL, Swift, or both, on football’s biggest day.

Swift has had a public and viral love story with Kelce, a tight end for the Kansas City Chiefs. To the singer’s happiness, he charmed his online fans who have long been rooting for him. Now, many are cheering for Kelce.

After the Chiefs won the AFC championship and earned a Super Bowl slot, the Swifties went into prep mode. Although it is unclear whether Swift herself will make it to Las Vegas (she he has a performance in Tokyo the night before), many are still invested in the Chiefs’ game against the San Francisco 49ers.

“Like many Swifties, I was intrigued [in football] because Travis and Taylor,” said Gina Crosley-Corcoran, who had never watched a game until Swift made headlines when she attended a game in September. “But I think what Swifties have in common is that when we’re fans of something, we really get into it .”

Photo by Gina Crosley-Corcoran
Gina Crosley-Corcoran is ready for Taygate.Gina Crosley-Corcoran, Burning Red

Now living outside of Chicago, Crosley-Corcoran is part of A Swift tribute band called Burning Redhosts its own huge “Taygate”.

He plans to make themed cocktails and mocktails, including the “Swelce (Swift + Kelce) Punch,” which will be orange with red accents, like the Chiefs’ colors.

It will also feature Super Bowl staples including chicken wings and football cookies, Swift-Kelce-themed cupcakes and a special sheet cake shaped like a football stadium with an “Eras Tour” scene painted on it.

On her band’s website, Crosley-Corcoran compiled photos of all the different themed items that will be on display at her party, such as a graphic design that looks like the NFL logo with a football but says “TAYLOR’S VERSION.”

Singing Super Bowl decoration "Taylor version"
One of Crosley-Corcoran’s many party items.Gina Crosley-Corcoran, Burning Red

Crosley-Corcoran also created a suggested menu featuring food items referencing Swift’s songs, such as “Now that We Don’t TACO DIP” (a play on her song “Now That We Don’t Talk”) and “This Sick BEEF” ( “ a play along the lines of “this sick beat” from the movie Shake It Off).

Meanwhile in Bend, Oregon mother-daughter duo Rhiannon and Emma Safford are also taking part in what they describe as the Swift Bowl.

The duo, who are on the Eras Tour together, created a bingo chart for Sunday’s game, where they’ll watch for things like a fan holding up a “22,” Swift songs played during commercial breaks or Kelce scoring a goal. touch.

Taylor Swift themed Bingo card
The Saffords prepared for Sunday with their bingo cards.Courtesy of Rhiannon and Emma Safford

“None of us are particularly big football fans… [but we] “I thought it would be a fun way to bring people together who aren’t traditionally big soccer fans and help them get involved in the game,” said Rhiannon Safford, adding that her husband and daughter could talk more. now their worlds have collided.

But there are also plenty of people hosting Swift-themed parties who aren’t new to soccer.

Shannon Doherty, a TikTok creator based in Darien, Connecticut, was “born a football fan,” but she says Swift’s presence at Chiefs games throughout the season has made her kids fans.

“My boys will be belting out Taylor Swift music and my girls will be begging their dads to get in the game and teach them the first fail,” she said.

His kids told him the Super Bowl is now their “favorite holiday.” That’s why they go to everyone this year.

In preparation for Sunday, Doherty spruced up the classic decor with some Eras Tour glitter to make a shiny DIY “Kansas City” football.

He also built photo boothguests can take pictures wearing it “Karma is the boss’s man” sunglasses on a background stylized as friendship bracelets with phrases like “My Super Bowl Era” and “Last Game.”

Erica Phillips, a Swiftie since 2006 and a lifelong Carolina Panthers fan, has hosted a Super Bowl party before. But this year, he’s excited to combine his interests with the Football and Friendship Bracelets event in his hometown of Raleigh, North Carolina.

Guests at Phillips will be able to make friendship bracelets, a staple of Swift’s Eras Tour, while watching the game and enjoying a fun menu. Quick inspired snacks Like “Anti-Pasta” (a play on Swift’s “Anti-Hero”) and “Welcome to New York Pizza.”

Beaded bracelet "Swelce"
Some made friendship bracelets before the big day. Others set up stations for guests themselves.Gina Crosley-Corcoran, Burning Red

Although complaints Of some of the “Swiftification” of the Super Bowl, Phillips said she’s more willing than ever to wear Swift-inspired NFL merchandise and “enjoys the dichotomy of having a place in this traditional man’s world.”

She compared the clash of interests between Swift and football to the “invigorating” effect fantasy football had on her husband’s involvement in the sport.

“He started watching more games because of fantasy football, and now it’s the same for me,” he said. “Taylor Swift is my fantasy football.”

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