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Schumer ‘hopeful’ Senate will pass bipartisan border bill despite opposition from GOP hardliners

By 37ci3 Feb5,2024

On Monday, Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer a a bipartisan bill that seeks to impose stricter immigration and asylum lawshe said he believed it would pass the House despite opposition from hard-right Republicans.

In an interview on MSNBC’s “Morning Joe,” Schumer said, when asked about the bill’s chances of passing the Senate, “I’m confident — hopeful is the word.” “This is difficult. Our Republican senators — we need a bunch of them — are under a lot of pressure from the right-wing Trump wing of the party.

Senators He released the text of the bipartisan bill on Sunday night after months of negotiations. The $118 billion bill comes at a record high on the southern border and includes foreign aid to Israel, Ukraine and Taiwan. Republicans have said they will support aid to these countries only if it is combined with new policies to limit US immigration.

The bipartisan package faces opposition from House Republican leadership and other conservatives, including several members of the House Freedom Caucus. Shortly after the senators released the text of the bill, Speaker Mike Johnson, R-La., said in a letter to X Sunday night that “He’ll Die When He Comes” If he gets home.

Schumer said the bill was a “compromise,” adding that it was “the only way to get important things done” in the Senate. He blamed pressure from former President Trump and his allies for opposing the legislation by hard-right Republicans.

“Will senators drown out the political noise of Trump and his cronies and do the right thing for America?” – he asked. “This is a crucial question. History is now looking down on each of us.”

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