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Biden to denounce Mayorkas impeachment effort as ‘baseless’ and ‘unconstitutional’

By 37ci3 Feb5,2024

WASHINGTON — On Monday, President Joe Biden will denounce it To impeach Interior Minister Alejandro Mayorkas “unprecedented and unconstitutional” political attack According to the administration’s policy statement, first shared with NBC News, it betrays the real problem of securing the U.S.’s southern border.

Biden’s statement will be his strongest condemnation yet of the Republican-controlled House’s attempt to impeach Majorca. It comes ahead of a House Rules committee meeting on Monday afternoon, which could be the next procedural step before a floor vote.

“From his time as a lawyer at the US Department of Justice to his position as Deputy Secretary and now Secretary of Homeland Security, he has steadfastly defended the rule of law and demonstrated a deep commitment to the values ​​that make our nation great,” Biden will say. “The impeachment of Secretary Mayorkas would be an unprecedented and unconstitutional act of political retaliation that will do nothing to address the challenges our nation faces in securing the border.”

Republicans argue The impeachment hearings launched last month by the House Homeland Security Committee are necessary, according to the records high illegal border crossings and drug trafficking along the southern US border under Biden’s 2021 appointee Majorcas. Rep. Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene, R-Ga., tried twice last year to force an impeachment vote against Mayorkas.

In a format usually reserved for announcing that the president will veto a particular bill, Biden will oppose House Republicans’ abuse of congressional powers to target a Cabinet-level official for reasons beyond their control.

“The power of impeachment was never intended as a device for members of an opposing political party to prosecute Executive Branch officials over policy disputes,” Biden said. “The impeachment of Secretary Mayorkas would trivialize this solemn constitutional authority and invite further partisan abuse of that authority in the future.”

Calling the impeachment case “baseless,” Biden said his administration would continue to work with Congress to find solutions to secure the border and strengthen an immigration system burdened by a record number of crossings. Hard-line Republicans have opposed the newly unveiled border bill, prompting pushback from some of their colleagues who want to pass legislation to address the crisis.

Some Republicans have argued that Mallorca’s record does not meet the threshold for treason or high crimes and misdemeanors. Maiokras will be only the second secretary of the Cabinet of Ministers Impeachment must be announced in US history.

White House before advanced Argument against constitutional impeachment in memo condemning Republicans for playing “extreme, far-right politics.”

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